Done with Simms

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by miyawaki, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. miyawaki Active Member

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    Orvis Bellevue is liquidating it's Simms stock. Up to 50% off until it's all gone. First come first served. No coupons. Nuff said.

  2. Alexander Fishon

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  3. dreamonafly Member

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    Yahoooooooo..... I be thereeee...
  4. Mike T Active Member

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    If you'll throw in a free tube of Aquaseal with every pair of waders I'm there.
  5. stewart dee Guest

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    Done with Simms too.
  6. Troutguy Member

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  7. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    I would... But I'm also done with Simms
  8. Bert Kinghorn Formerly "nextcast"

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    I wondered how long it would take you, Leland.
  9. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    I always wondered why they had Simms in the store. I wouldn't buy a pair of Simms over the Orvis waders.
  10. yellowlab Active Member

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    Simms = overated and and overpriced waders. Go with the Orvis or Patagonias. Tuff stuff and much better warranty program.
  11. Don Barton Member

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    Simms is taking a beating here. Speaking for myself, I am a major Simms fan. They make great stuff and they give remarkable customer service when products fall short of expectation. Yes their stuff is a little pricey but so is the top of the line stuff from Patagonia and Orvis and other major players in outdoor clothing.

    I have two pairs of Simms waders; one stocking foot and one boot foot. They get regular hard use and no leaks.

    I have a Simms G3 Guide wading jacket. Tough as nails, comfortable, well designed for its use, and genuinely waterproof. I am dry and comfortable when my friends with jackets from other brands are wet and cold.

    I have two pairs of Simms boots which I use regularly: My G3 (or G4) boots are tough, durable, lace well, and provide great support. I expect them to last me for hundreds of days on the river. The Rivershed is comfortable, light weight, and appears very durable.

    I have a Simms windstopper fleece jacket and a Simms permaloft jackt. Both get regular use and they perform better or at least as well as any similar competing product that I know about.

    I rely upon and regularly use a Simms wading staff.

    So, I look forward to visiting Leland in Bellevue.
  12. Dan Soltau New Member

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    Leland - What products did you guys stock out there?
    Don't worry Don, some people are just bitter. Funny thing is that if you compare profit margins on waders, Pata/Orifice/Baileys are likely making double margin per wader than Simms. There are only a few wader factories in the world, and Simms in Bozeman is one of them and the other 2 or 3 make all the waders out there regardless of price. Not to mention, if proper testing was done everyone on this board everyone would eventually agree that they are the best no matter how bias they were at the beginning. My favorite part is that the people who spend 50 days or less per year in waders are the ones who seem to "know it all" about them, rather than folks who test them or fish them or a nearly daily level.

    Simms = the best waders, and if you can get them on sale then do it.
  13. troutpocket Active Member

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    I've gotten great results out of all my Simms stuff that weren't waders.
  14. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Or maybe there's also those of us who fish around 150+ days a year that happen to prefer other waders because we've had bad luck with Simms. I'll admit their other products are hard to beat; but I'd take Patagonia, Orvis, or especially Filson waders over Simms at the same price point any day.
  15. constructeur Active Member

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    Evan- you're not helping young Dan here :rolleyes:
  16. bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

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    Years ago I bought the cheapest pair of waders that Simms offered, I think they were called the lightweights. I'm still wearing them to this day, never a leak and they've been beat to shit. I've got a theory about waders....regardless of the brand, when companies start sewing too much crap on a pair of waders, i.e. reinforced knees, articulated this & that, etc. they are just asking for leaks. So buy the $500 waders with all that extra stitching all over 'em and expect leaks, or buy the cheaper waders with less crap sewn all over them and you'll probably be happier. Just my two cents.............
  17. Steve Saville Active Member

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    I can't see paying $700 for a pair of waders when I can buy two pairs of really good waders for the same $. It just seems that Simms has raised prices to a point where there is a dminishing margin of return for what you pay. I'll go with Orvis, Cabelas, Filson etc. and if I want to change waders each year, I'll buy Caddis and get a new pair every year for about five years at that same amount.
  18. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    Everything leaks if you try hard enough, and if you aren't succesful making them leak yourself, you can always find a bad review of any product if you look for 30 seconds on the interwebz.

    Also, there's a rule on the interwebz about product feedback: The more units of a product a company sells, the more likely you are to hear bad reviews. You might read 10 bad reviews about Simms and only one about Dan Bailey, for example, without doing the full math that includes the fact that Simms sells probably several thousands of pairs of waders to Dan Bailey's few hundred (just a guess). Regardless of the real numbers, remember that both numerator and denominator are important to consider when evaluating others'...evaluations.

    That's not to say Simms waders don't suck, btw. Maybe they do, but I don't have enough information to decide.
  19. LyNcH Steelhead Junkie

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    I've had really bad luck with Orvis waders and their quality control. I do however like other fishing products they sell, hence the reason why I have an Orvis card and have a decent amount of money/reward dollars on it. I'll be calling that shop today because I have not had a singe wader issue since switching over to Simms. Thanks for the info, let's hope I'm not too late!
  20. Joshw Tamer of Trouts

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    Bought a pair of Simms freestones in 2000 and then bought a pair of the guides in 2005. The freestones are now my backup pair and both are leak free....wouldn't think of buying any other brand.