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  1. Yes, 700 is huge amount for waders, but $300 is typical across the board to get into a high end wader. $300 at Simms goes a lot further day in day out, of course there are always lemons but Simms does back a customer well as long as the customer isn't a total dick about it.

    Patagonia has certainly made some good waders in the past, in fact I used to back them more than Simms because I had a pair run strong for several seasons. When they started to leak, they gave me new ones. (Sweet.) The next three pairs didnt last more than a week on the water without leaking each. End of story there. Patagucci makes some of the best products out there, and they dont come cheap but they last. But I dont think their waders compare to the rest of their clothing and in this case, their competition. (Simms)

    Sorry to highjack your ad Leland.
  2. Done with Simms? I can't even get them on.

    1. The legs are too narrow for the human species. You cannot get them on or off easily, or layer underneath them, and kneel down or climb over stuff. The chest is also narrow.

    2. They are hot as bejeezus. If I wanted non-breathable waders I would use my neoprenes, which are more comfortable than simms.

    3. They leak as soon as any other brand of waders, at the usual point of entry (crotch, back of knees). You'll hear other opinions and experiences; but trust me, it's no great shakes. The main difference is they are uncomfortable and hot. You'll get perhaps 30 days, max, before they start leaking. Not 200, not 150, not 100, and not 75 and not 50 days. Thirty days. That's it. And, I should add, if you are an aggressive wader like me - that's pretty much standard. You'll still need a couple gallons of alcohol to find the leaks, and bow-coo aquaseal to reduce the leaks to reasonableness. That doesn't make them bad waders - the terrible fit makes them bad waders.

    not only would I not pay $500 for the current line of Simms waders; I would not use them if you gave me a pair for free and paid me $500.

    Simms wader durability is right up there with sticky rubber.
  3. I have had some simms seals give out on me before I even used them, I think you pay for the name like any designer clothes brand.
  4. So, you've had multiple pair of Simms give out before even using them? That's almost funny. I've spent 100+ days per year on the water since about 1990 and haven't had a failure that wasn't due to overuse or me being an idiot.

    Anyone remember the old StreamLine neoprene waders.....? That's a thread all by itself.
  5. Holy freaking crap what a bash fest. As I read this, Leland is having a SALE at his ORVIS store and they are BLOWING OUT their SIMMS stock. You can read into it what you want. Orvis is making inventory room for this year's stuff? Orvis is no longer going to carry Simms, since both companies have their own wader, boot, clothing and gear/pack/bag lines? When did the notice of a sale become an invitation to bash a company? If you like Simms stuff, go see Leland and the crew and buy some at great savings. If you don't...well, don't. When Orvis has more room for their Orvis stuff you can go over and see Leland and the crew and buy some of that stuff too. Want Patagonia...there are shops and online places to get them. Filson more to your rugged preference, well, I think if you can post here you can find them too. Dan Bailey's has a good fan following too. Each has fans and foes for a variety of reasons, style, comfort, durability, slim, baggy, seams outside...whatever.

    Orvis is having a sale on Simms. Go simulate the economy and visit a friendly staff while getting a great deal...or don't. {chuckling for days reading this one}

    I have had three sets of Orvis and three sets of Simms waders. One of each was a problem, seemingly with little use. Both companies worked with me and I appreciate that. Each of the other two sets...awesome and exceeded expectations greatly and continue to do so.

    Have a nice day.
  6. Seriously, don't come and knock a product some one has for sale.

    Believe what you want, but with proper care no wader lasts likes a Simms wader. Just ask pretty much every guide out there.
  7. Dan, er, nevermind.

    Leland, thanks. They fit well. Looking forward to being dry this winter.

  8. I dunno. You tell me - your 1/3 failure rate isn't a glowing endorsement either. Maybe the title (done with simms) did it.
  9. last guide I had said he went through 4 pairs last season.
  10. For those that are interested in the Simms waders, I called there today and they only have xxl g4's and g3's left. $349 & $259 I think were the prices. While not 50% off, both prices worth every penny and I would have bought a pair had they been in LL or XL. Are there any other Orvis shops that are clearancing Simms waders that anyone knows of?
  11. Sorry, my post may have been taken wrong. Everything I've heard about Orvis has been positive and when I've been to their store have always received excellent service. I was only responding to the Simms bashing but this isn't a thread about that company.

    Good luck!
  12. Keep your eye on Cabelas...they have good deals coming and going all the time. I grabbed a pair of the Simms Rivershed waders on there on sale for $199 a few months back...and not in some crazy ass big or small size either. I thought that was a pretty good deal. And so far no leaks - just a good solid set of waders.
  13. Dan, that's just not true. That may have been the case when you were active in the business, but not last year.
  14. I had a pair of StreamLine neos. I think I kept AquaSeal in business during that time.
    I still own a pair of vintage Simms neoprenes.
  15. Done with Simms? I can't even get them on.

    What a pant load.

    I disagree with every single thing you said here.

    Problem is some newbie is going to read this rant and believe it. Simms makes fine products and they do a standup job servicing things. Yes, they get premium prices, but they produce a premium product. They are an excellent value.

    No one makes a wader that can't leak...and Simms is no exception. But they are fixable if you tear them and pin holes can be easily detected and fixed with the alcohol test. They come is a wide variety of sizes...their website show 24 different sizes! I've had several pairs and they are durable, comfortable, easy to layer under...great to spend day after day in. My next waders (if I can ever wear these G3's out) will be Simms.
  16. Where do I call????
  17. Leland runs the Orvis Store in Bellevue, WA
  18. OMG guys. All this over a friggin sale? UGH.

    I'm not going to comment much. I'll say first off, no wader is leakproof. Shit happens. Waders can be lemons. Same thing goes with ANYTHING that's manufactured.

    Saying this, I've owned alot of different waders over the years. Including rubber packs (in fact, I STILL have an old pair of old rubber hipboots that still don't leak ;), they're about 25 years old and still get alot of use ROFL). I will say I have a pair of Simms Freestones that I just recently got. I've put about 25 days on them so far, and I'm guessing I only have 5 river days til they start leaking? ;) Seriously, I used them pretty damned hard the last 5 days, including busting brush through some sticker bushes (unfortunately). They're holding up fine. Will they leak? of course. But I RARELY EVER buy top of the line waders. Mostly because I know I'm rough on them and figure I'm gonna have to get another pair soon, and I don't run off to the company to give me a new pair if I'M abusing them.

    So, let's just play nice, and let it go. If you want a deal on a pair of Simms, go see Leland. :) Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. LOL. And I'm one of the biggest assholes you'll meet. :)
  19. My sentiments exactly
  20. Wait a tic? You trying to call me an asshole? ;)
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