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  1. TROUTsniffer

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    Nothing blows your motivation and excitement to get out early and fish more than getting to your spot and seeing the entire river netted for over 100yards.... Thats right, one above the spill way and all the way up river from that. Dont waste your time going high on the stilly this weekend stay below I-5....
    I would be less irritated if 100 natives were there with Rods rather than 5 with nets...
  2. Salmo_g

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    Nothing blows like leaping to wild conclusions. What are the time and area of this fishery? The Stilly Tribe does less gillnetting than just about any tribe I know of. Unless something's changed significantly, why all the crying?

  3. hedburner

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    That's strange I haven't seen nets on the Stilly for salmon in years.
  4. KerryS

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    'cause white guys like to snivel about Indians fishing.
  5. TROUTsniffer

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    it's not fucking fishing with a net....grab a pole/rod like the rest of us and it was just south of the I-5 bridge at the fork by the new spillway, accessed by the gated home on the stilly tribe land thats not much of a jump to conclusion on that one, that or standing on the other side of the bank watching them pull dime bright salmon out of the nets and throw them in the boat....who know's. maybe i'm wrong
  6. ak_powder_monkey

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    gillnets are so much better than rods for catching salmon efficiently, efficiency is helpful when you are filling the freezer or making money.

    Don't hate the players, hate the game.
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  7. Freestone

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    Troutsniffer, I don't think that anyone was doubting your report of net fishing but pointing out that it is allowed and that there are agreed upon rules and periods when it can be done. I have seen it in years past and there is nothing illegal about it as long as they follow the rules. Here are the Stillaguamish Tribal rules for the Stilly; if you believe that the nets you saw violate these rules, I'd report it to the Tribal Enforcement, just like you would report non-tribal viloations to WDFW.

    from the above link:

    LEGAL GEAR:Fishing gear allowed includes: set and drift gillnets; spears; gaff hooks; hook and line.There shall be a maximum of three (3) nets allowed for each licensed fisher - either one (1) drift gillnet and two (2) set gillnets or three (3) set gillnets. River set nets shall be placed so that they do not cover more than one-half (1/2) of the distance across the wetted area of the stream channel and shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) feet in length. No river set net shall be within two hundred and fifty (250) feet of another set net on the same side of the river, or within two hundred and fifty (250) feet downstream or upstream of any creek or tributaries. No objects can be driven into the ground to anchor a fisher’s boat or nets.

    Stillaguamish Tribal Enforcement
    22712 6th Ave. NE
    Arlington, WA 98223
    360-474-9111, duty phone: 425-508-2765
    FAX 360-474-1570
    Chief Joe Orford 425-508-6621 or ext 103 above
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  8. It sucks but that's the deal that was made. Sure you'd be less irritated if they werent using nets, and they'd be less irritated if the runs weren't a fraction of what they used to be.
  9. troutpounder

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    I didn't know the indians did not have a grocery store...... That is complete bull shit blocking the entire river. There should not be any special rights for ANYONE including indians
  10. Why? It's part of the agreement that was made with tribes. Do you wanna undo that agreement, or just the parts you don't like?
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  11. ak_powder_monkey

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    Isn't corking the entire river illegal?

    If you think going to the grocery store is an acceptable way to get salmon you are fucking stupid.

    That being said sales of fish for cash caught in tribal fisheries is utterly insane, its something that must be stopped if we value salmon.
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  12. Freestone

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    So non-tribal members can sell salmon but you want to tell a sovereign nation that they can't see their half of the resource? Salmon have always been both a food source and a commercial product for NW indigenous people so good luck with that one Powder Monkey. Let me know what the Supreme Court says...
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    If they are a sovereign nation than I think they should have fences around the rez with passports and visas to come in THIS country, They can get their own military, and they should have no right to vote and no say in this country. If they want to have that than I will not say anything about them gillnetting, but until than they should have to follow ALL of the same rules and regulations as everyone else. If your argument is it is apart of their heritage than I can say that my ancestors had to hunt and fish for survival also.... ITS IS FUCKING BULL SHIT! And that argument is fucking dumb.
  14. TROUTsniffer

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    if efficiency is an argument then hell, why gillnet and they can just toss dynamite in the water it's a lot faster and much more thorough.... i'm sorry but the privileges given to the native americans are ridiculous and everyone says "we took there land, that's how they used to do it, etc..." first off they aren't the only group of people that have ever been taken over, we just evolved quicker and won that war. I don't remember christopher columbus pulling up to tulalip casino either. if they want the "special rules" do it the native way. Hand make your nets, build your canoes, tow it there by horse, row out and set/retrieve your nets AND THEN eat/trade your fish NOT sell it for money (while you collect your casino royalties mind you)
  15. Jeremy Floyd

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    My biggest beef about the gillnetting, when I lived in Arlington, was the people going door to door selling tribal salmon.

    If you are going to take advantage of the treaty and fill your fridge, fine with me. Going around Gleneagle peddling the "free" resource claiming that they were "take home fish" seemed like it was unethical and illegal.
  16. TROUTsniffer

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    that's a whole side i didn't even bring up and another thing MOST on here are chiming in have no clue about because they simply don't know... I made the thread to give people a heads up that fishing on the stilly may suck this weekend and INSTANTLY everyones on the trigger to defend defend defend and i must be wrong when they have no clue....
  17. Derek Young

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    This is already good.
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    Where's the pop corn................................................
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    I agree, the level of arm chair ignorance on the issues, the resources, the rights, etc... is either entertainment or downright shocking. I will happily call the two trout handle folks here ignorant, they probably grew up with a dad like mine who ranted and raved about the "Indians", their dammed rights and the worst offender of all Judge Bolt. Because of this I also grew up painfully ignorant and temporarily pissed myself at people I truly knew nothing about. Then this amazing thing happened called education and truth. It's insane how reading can actually help you become honestly enlightened and you learn to stay flexible in your perspectives. I guess though because I decided in college (yes, I'm college educated) to study the truth of Native American relations with our government through history that I'm just an elitist prick. Isn't that how ignorant people usually argue against people with a broader base of knowledge then them?
  20. KerryS

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    You can't win against ingnorance and bigotry. Save your breath or in this case your keyboard.