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  1. I think this is what you meant to say.
  2. I think Kerry nailed this one. I guess I'm surprised at the degree of ignorance expressed by Trout sniffer and Trout pounder. Maybe they're new to fishing, but most people who've been fishing for a while understand at least a bit of the law and the history associated with treaty fishing, whether they agree with it or not.

  3. And I won't eat any salmon from any river unless maybe smoked by me. Raised on fresh salt water fish, once they hit fresh water they take on the muddy taste, if anyone has a recipe for getting the mud taste out please post it
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  4. actually i suspect MOST people here have seen this debate fire up at least once a year on this forum, and contrary to having "no clue" about it, are bored to death with listening to utterly meaningless statements like "that argument is fucking stupid" from people who've never seriously considered any input on the issue that does not agree with their own hand-me-down perspective.

  5. I've got no problem with using salmon to barter for stuff. I do have a problem with monitizing a "cultural" activity. If you wanna commercial fish, go commercial fish, if you want to subsistence fish, great, do it, but they are totally different activities, for different purposes. Selling the resource leads to abuse of the resource, and because there is no government oversight possible with the tribes this is a bad deal, for all involved.
  6. Ak, you just described free market trade from the dawn of time, including subsistence living. If you think for a second that barter was not part o native traditions... Kerry I think you were right wasted key board time.
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  7. Note to anyone who rants against the Tribes and the Bolt decision: nothing is going to change by your profanity filled posts. Our best course of action is to work hand in hand with the tribes to get enough fish back for all to share. Bottom line is they want the salmon runs to flourish just as we do. We need them as an partner to fight river degradation and development of critical salmon habitat. I don't know about the Stilliguamish tribe specifically but a lot of the tribes have lots of political power and influence. Better to jump on board than get left holding the bag. How do you think the tribes feel when they see 100 anglers on both sides of the river flossing salmon left and right. They probably say "how the he'll are those fish supposed to make it up stream! Just food for thought

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  8. Gill nets are not selective.

    On rivers where endangered stocks are present while the legal stock is being fished for, nonselective gill netting can kill endangered stocks.

    I dont know if this is the case on the Stillie.

    It appears to be an issue worth considering on the Columbia, however.
  9. How irritated would you be if you saw 100 Troutsniffers with rods/poles there?
  10. college educated and what do you do for a living? my guess is nothing related to your degree (if you have one) and please to tell me an associates that doesn't count it's a joke, actually it's a complete joke and in fact makes you racist yourself to defend the natives and not care about the african americans, the hispanics, or better yet the caucasians who were slaves before everyone.... i thinks it's time for some more small pox blankets i'm sure that comment will rouse some cry baby's...and KerryS please don't comment anymore you're clearly native (or enough percentage to get some rights like technically most of us could be) all of us were able to hunt, fish, trap etc.. without seasons or limits so it's all of our rights to do so now. if you believe anything otherwise think of where society would be if we weren't here, do you truly believe you would be as well off? i don't think so...
  11. pretty irritated, it's more effective than nets
  12. How long have you been partaking in these fisheries? And how long have you truly educated yourself on the situation of tribal netting? Because it seems like your experience is a fraction of some of the others that have chimed in here that I know personally. I'm no fan of a big portion of what the tribes do, but the situation is not even remotely as simple as you seem to think.
  13. my thought is hey maybe get more tribal members to show up early like most of us with a rod and reel, take up the whole bank and catch your share, not net till your hearts content
  14. It's easy to hate what you don't understand.

  15. well i'm automatically in the negative here because of my age (26) but i have fished these fisheries heavily for 12 years and believe i have seen enough to have a say and an opinion in the BS i have seen. clearly i'm not one of the yuppy fly fishers like many on this board willing to pipe up but hey atleast i'm willing to pipe up instead of sit back and take the shit hand dealt to the areas i frequent
  16. ? You make no sense at all. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I do work in a field that fully uses my degree in both education and history. Racist? I love to laugh, thanks for that one.
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  18. well congratulations on being in the minority to do something with your degree, i have one too (and hopefully your position pays off your college expenses anytime soon) but that has nothing to do with the opinions i have about what's going on with my local fisheries and how i feel about the situations going on in my is completely ridiculous for anyone to think/say it is okay to do what they're doing and it is it definately the minority doing it for food and survival rather than taking advantage of a BS treaty that has allowed a little bit more cash in the pocket

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