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  1. "Nothing blows your motivation and excitement to get out early and fish more than getting to your spot and seeing the entire river netted for over 100yards.... Thats right, one above the spill way and all the way up river from that. Dont waste your time going high on the stilly this weekend stay below I-5...."
    I would be less irritated if 100 natives were there with Rods rather than 5 with nets...
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    You could have made that arguement if you'd left out that last line as you clearly stated that you were upset about the methods the Tribe was using, so it was not just a heads-up post.
  2. You quit posting?
  3. Edited the punctuation for you there.

    Sorry... Had to :cool:
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  4. I clearly disagree with ALL gillnetting regardless of who's placing them.BTW here's the legal rules for their nets, "River set nets shall be placed so that they do not cover more than one-half (1/2) of the distance across the wetted area of the stream channel and shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) feet in length. No river set net shall be within two hundred and fifty (250) feet of another set net on the same side of the river" and since two out of three of these laws were broken in the netting i observed, the tribal police, fish and game, and state patrol were called. Next time i'll take pictures since i'm ignorant on the rules/laws of the oh so environmentally conscious gillnetters
  5. I tried :) made it a page or two without one atleast
  6. I guess you didn't make any friends on this one.
    I am as guilty of many rants as any one. Chum run, or lack there of is one.
    What bothers me more isn't the person who gets angry over netting or over harvest. its the ones who don't give a sh_t and throw their trash around. take more than the limit. etc, etc.
    so troutsniffer go ahead and rant all you want. at least it sounds like you care.
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  7. This is a very real threat on the Stilly. A couple of years ago I was chased into the river by a pack of wolves. My foot got caught in a gill net and I had to resort to chewing it off. I guess that I was just too hardcore for the wolves, because they quit growling, gave me a weird look, and then ran off. To say the least, they haven't messed with me since. Be very careful!
  8. A. I remember several years when there was NO sport coho fishery on the Stilly. That had nothing to do with tribal fisheries.
    B. The Stillaguamish Tribe really is one of the better ones when it comes to fisheries issues. Their netting is pretty minimal. I'm no fan of gill nets. Gain some perspective and look at other rivers to see what it could be like.
    C. If you really want to bitch about nets, watch the non-tribal schedule. Before long they'll be hammering Port Susan. And Port Gardner. And Skagit Bay. And the San Juans. And Bellingham Bay. That's where the Stilly coho and chum get hit.

    Many on here were fishing this system and concerned with its fisheries when you were still shitting in diapers.
  9. the only thing that could make this thread better, and add several days/weeks to it's lifespan, is if it came out of the penn state investigation that the beloved and infallible JoePa had engaged in a cover up a gillnetting scandal in order to cover up his cover up of the sandusky scandal.
  10. I know two people in the same field as you claim in your profile. It's a good living. Not sure they needed a bachelor's degree for it though. And it keeps them fishing and hunting on weekends, which is pretty ghey.
    My BA applies more to my fishing and hunting. My work schedule is pretty open and lets me fish week days. Only saw one other boat on the river today.
  11. ...who was in turn having an illicit man-love affair with Lance Armstrong and thus paid that red -headed assistant coach to make up that story about the shower to cover up the Lance thing.
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  12. Yeah the fact that all rivers in the Puget Sound fisheries were closed for an "emergency closure" might be a clue that your fishery is being destroyed. The fish are going away and your support for the staus quo is almost comical out one side of your mouth while you try to stifle debate out of the other side of your mouth. Nice try I'm not buying it.

    I don't need to read about Deer Creek I used to swing just above the mud and know the effects it has had on the river. Again has nothing to do with any of my posts which state clearly the all gillnetting is bad for all rivers. I never mentioned anyone just the practice of gillnetting so you might want to read my posts before you start race baiting like the other supporters.

    If you have to drive 10 hours to catch Steelhead and when you live 20 minutes from a river might be another clue.

    The only "ignorant" people I see are the ones who keep making excuses about why we shouldn't even debate the issue.

    I'm done for tonight it's just getting tiresome with the same old race baiting and name calling from the gillnetting supporters.
  13. This has been some funny shit anger,whining, name calling but no real suggestions of a solution it really seems to be just another me me me moment, if you in your many rants are unable to suggest a reasonable solution to what you see as a problem maybe you should just shut the fuck up and grow a pair. It is what it is suggest a solution that will work for all or just shut the hell up
  14. cuponoodle -
    Yesterday there were two non-tribal purse seiners fishing coho south of Everett. According to WDFW's web site there will be two gill netters fishing the same area Wednesday with a repeat next week. After that additional fishing may occur depending on evaluation of the run strength; with the off the wall recreational fishing in the salt hard to image there will not be a significant increase in expected run size following the update.

    The preseason forecast for wild Stillaguamish coho run was 47,510 adults. At the level the co-managers Puget Sound coho plan caps the exploitation rate at 35%. If the in-season update goes above 62,500 that rate can increase.

  15. ....and of course this statement is not name calling.
  16. Yeah everyone here loves gillnetting. LOVES it. After all, why wouldn't we?

    If you want to be a big shot about it, either get out there and start cutting up nets on the river, or start a political campaign based on overturning a supreme court decision. But I gotta tell you, if it doesn't work for politicians overturning Roe v Wade, then it's not likely to work for you with United States v Washington. At least if you start cutting nets you'll actually get a few off the river before you get shot or thrown in the clink.

    Living in the past doesn't help fish today. Smart people know this.
  17. Fact: As long as there are fish in the river to catch, there will be tribal fishing with gillnets. Many of us have realized this and moved on. If you focus your efforts on this, nothing will ever get done. I don't think anybody here is saying they love gill nets and are glad to have them there. We just know that there is no chance in hell of the courts ordering tribal nets out of the river for good. You'll lose your fishing privileges before they lose their fishing rights.

    Fact: Tribes want big fish returns as much as you do. Granted, many don't care the origin of the fish (hatchery vs wild), but they want to maximize returns just as much as the rest of us. Believe it or not, it's in our best interests to work WITH them not AGAINST them, as pitting ourselves as their enemy will only cause backward progress in things that matter like habitat restoration.

    Yes, hatcheries are bad, nets are bed... Even sport angling at its core isn't "good" for the resource. Not screaming about how much tribes and gillnets suck does not make us ignorant. I think it takes a good deal of information to move past that point.
  18. I believe that until that ruling by Judge Boldt is overturned, Gill netting will go on and on. There is no use crying over it. I have read most of this bullshit, and it is bullshit. Name calling as such it is getting out of hand. I think you all need to grow up and shut up. All the bitching in the world is not going to change a thing.

    About the only thing I had about the nets is that they left some of them in the water to long and what was caught in them just died and rotted away. Or the nets themselves were just left there to get caught up on underwater junk. These type of nets caught fish all the time all year long.

    One year when the Salmon were running up Pilchuck Creek, we found a net all across the creek. We pulled it out and luckily there were no salmon in it. There was nobody around tending to it and I believe that is was an illegal net.
  19. i think a gillnet was just placed across this thread.
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  20. If a elusive Stilly Unicorn jumps over a gillnet rather then a rainbow, would that still be considered bullshit?

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