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  1. That would be a whole lot easier.
  2. I want a fish or two. That would make it cheaper and easier for me.
  3. Fifafu,

    Well Cowltiz gets a lot of surplus fish back to the barrier dam hatchery rack, but I mostly hear about the surplus spring chinook. Giving those fish to the tribes started out as a conservation measure to dissuade the Yakima Tribe from netting Yakima springers during a time when that run was extremely depressed. I don't know why WDFW let the Cowlitz Tribe in on that deal since there is no adjudicated fishing right for that tribe.

    The nets between Bonneville Dam and Biggs are those of the Yakima Tribe and Warm Springs Tribe. I think the netting ends at Biggs because upstream of there isn't as good as it is below.

    I don't think hatcheries on lower tribs like Pilchuck Creek would work much better than the existing locations on Puget Sound rivers. Smalma describes some reasons. The upstream-most hatcheries are not far as distances go for anadromous salmon and steelhead. There are none that they cannot return to in a week or less after entering freshwater. I think the relative condition of returning fish would be about the same in the lower Pilchuck as they are when they return to Marblemount on the Skagit system.

    The thing you seem to be over-looking is that the tribes won't likely change willingly. Treaty tribal fishermen like to fish. And they like to fish as individuals, not as a collective, which is what you end up with when you trap fish returning to hatcheries. It matters a lot to the fisherman who owns the fish and who gets to sell them and pocket the money. It's impossible to be a high-liner if the income from fish sales is divided equally among tribal fishermen. And practically everybody think he's the HIGHLINER, or will be this year. A lot of tribal fishermen would turn you down if you offered to just pay them not to fish, so yes, this and other ideas have been thought of, and so far, rejected.

  4. Thanks sg
  5. You seem mad.
  6. You should have realized that should of is wrong. Since you're being technical and all.....just sayin'
  7. You also should have realized that an apostrophe is appropriate in the word child's. Just sayin'....
  8. ya those responses have been covered....thanks for your reply though. And sayin' isn't a word, "If you want to be technical."
  9. excellent post
  10. TROUTsniffer said:
    you should of had a comma after, "Misspellings" FYI​

    What technicality of the English language would require a comma in this situation?
  11. read the post i was talking about out loud to yourself, i've heard it helps people, much like yourself, who don't know when or where to insert punctuation...
  12. While your use of commas may be spot on, You need to work on your use of capital letters to have perfect grammar. But thanks again for your helpfull tip on comma usage.At least this blog is now headed in a direction that may be educational & contain some useful information
  13. you're right benny, enough on the ridiculous poaching talk....but you did spell helpful wrong
  14. eye kant cee whut da bigg deel iz. Nut shur wi evry1 iz makng sach a bigg deel aut of a fieu speling aires.
  15. I realize "sayin" isn't a word, however sarcasm is and my use of the word was basted in it.
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  16. haha ok man....

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