Dose it matter that much, 30lb vs 25lb shooting line

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    Besides the obvious poundage difference and the benefits of each.. for a spey rod setup, does it matter that much using 30lb vs 25lb shooting line?

    Sometimes I see 25lb on sale from Reo and other trusted makers..

    thanks, Ron
  2. RustE

    RustE drifting about

    For some of the floating running lines, the higher pound test equates to a larger diameter that is easier to grip.

    From a functional perspective, the leader is the lightest/weakest portion breaking at 10-15 pounds.
  3. mbowers

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    You'll get more stretch from the 25lb under the same load (maybe around 20%) so it will give more shock absorption during the fight, but will also make the hook set less powerful.

    If you see a line on sale from Reo which claims it's a trusted maker you might want to pass on it for something from Rio.. :)