Dosewallips Day Hike

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  1. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    Last Saturday I took a walk up the Dosewallips to break in the boots. For those that don't know, the road was washed out some years ago, so the walk is up the old roadbed up to the Ranger Station at, I think, was/is Camp Collins. The road is washed out about a mile below Elkhorn Campground. So, it was about 6 miles into the ranger station. It was a nice day, and I thought this old man would do it. If you are a family with kids, it would be a good hike. The old campground at Camp Collins is pictured and very nice along the river. I had been having a sciatic nerve problem for a good six months, got some therapy and excercises, and feeling great now, so I did the hike. I turn 64 next month, so it's good to know I can still get on the trail and look forward to getting in the mountains a few times this summer. Also, Dosewallips Falls is along the way as seen in the photos.

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  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    A very nice area. Alternate options include the Lake Constance, hike to Dose Meadow or up a number of passes that connect great trails. Hayden, Lost, Cameron, Constance and Grey Wolf are all along that route. Beyond the ranger station is great.
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    Great pictures, thanks for sharing, and the info on the hike in. I have never been to that area, so would be a very nice day hike or maybe pack-in and spend the night at the old campground. I will have to look the area up and see where exactly you can access it.
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    Just drive to the END of the Dosewallips Road. A little sidenote for those that don't know. Stop along the way on Rocky Brook Creek bridge, walk up the short trail to the beautiful waterfall. The hike starts by an ugly pumphouse generator that was built. Walk upstream past the pumphouse. Well worth your time.
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    Nice pictures. I just did this hike last weekend for the first time. Have you ever fished the river through this area?
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    Yes. A few years ago. Mostly probably steelhead smolts. I did manage a 13 incher, nothing larger, mostly 9-10".
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    I went to the river this past sunday, but it was too high to fish. Im waiting until the level goes down and then ill give it a try.