Double bunnies

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  1. What type of glue do you use to glue the to strips together?
  2. I use 2 ton epoxy, 5 min. epoxy works too.
  3. I happen to have a lot of that, thanks
  4. No prob...although I personally am going to get some 5 min. epoxy next, that way I don't have to keep the 2 halves together with my fingers waiting for the epoxy to get tacky

  5. I went to tie Chuck's Sculpin and did not have a wide rabbit strip. I didn't like the results with several types of glue. So thinking outside the box, I decided to suture the strips together which worked extremely well and no mess.
  6. Another question, how do you get the bottom strip beyond the hook point?
  7. I start by taking my bottom strip and just holding it on top of the shank so I can see where the bend of the hook is going to be through the rabbit hide. I then take an exacto knife and cut a slit in the hide.

    I then take the bunny strip, put the hook through the slit you just cut and then put your hook into the vise.


  8. thanks scott
  9. Lately i havent been using glue or epoxy. I have found it much more effected to cut the bottom a little shorter and just let it dangle. I see where the strip should be on the hook and i put the hook through the hide and tie it down. I dont like to use very wide rabbits strips because i am usually imatating a sculpin which are EXTREMELY skinny at the there tails. They have huge heads and big pectorals, but the rest of the body tapers almost to nothig. Heres my double bunnie.

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  10. Scott, lets see the frog patterns in the background. . .
  11. Those aren't frog patterns Jeremy, that's a couple of hex nymphs I tied up shortly before I took the photo.

  12. Now that i would love to learn to tie. excellent flies scott. :thumb:
  13. Heh Mike if you have the winter '01 issue of Fly Tyer magazine you'll see it on pg. 44, if not lemme know and I'll give you the recipe...

  14. Mike,

    I used to fish a lot of double bunnies I always used rubber cement. I would hold the hairs in a clip, spread on the cement, let both sides dry and then put them together. Three or four years ago I switched to a palmer style wrapped rabbitt fly. It gives it more bulk, its a lot faster to tie, and I have done better on them. My favorite is tied with ginger rabbit and red eyes. I call it a Mary-Ann. Snake River cutts love it.
  15. There are a number of glues that would work for double bunnies. My all-purpose glue, for this and other fly-tying uses, is Seal-All. It bonds, seals, waterproofs, dries in under 30 minutes; it's clear, available at many hardware stores. And it's cheap.
  16. I was purchasing some tying materials today and they happen to have a video on tying double bunnies on so i got to see how it is done.

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