"Double Whammy" Custom Fly Bench

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jon Williams, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Jon Williams Guest

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    I'm new to the area and forum. I noticed a few of you post pictures of your fly tying benches so I thought I'd share these pics of my new tying bench.

    During the storm (formally known as the "Double Whammy" storm), I was part of the restoration crew (electric) and was fortunate enough to come across a piece of a 75 year old pine tree that had been blown down in Medina.

    Long story short, I cut a slice of the stump I brought home and 20 hours of sanding, routering, and cutting later, whalla!!

    It's definetely NOT a portable bench, but it IS one of a kind. The fly holder in the upper right corner is made from a branch off the same tree. My wife thought I was out of my bleeping mind when I started, but has since grown to love it.

    I'm always looking for suggestions on new flies. Look forward to getting to know some of you.


  2. Hal Eckert Member

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    Very nice maybe some day I will get back to such a state.:beathead:

    Here is mine from a month or so ago, looks a little worse right now with the heavy witner fly tying stage we are in. The beauty of the roll top desk is that I can hide it from the lady of the house with one downward pull on the cover.:thumb:

    :confused: :eek:



  3. Rory McMahon Active Member

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    thats pretty close to what mine looks like right now
  4. 1morecast Active Member

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    Black Ghost,
    Thx. for the pic. I have been trying to tell my girlfriend that it is normal for a fly tying bench to look like that!:thumb:
  5. Jon Williams Guest

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    I think I see Waldo in there....
  6. kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

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    That's pretty cool Jon. How did you keep it from splitting? Or was it dead when it came down? Just the time between then and now seems a little short for that to completely dry and season enough to work with it.