Douchebag Fishermen on the Klick

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Benjy, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Benjy Active Member

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    I rounded a corner on the Klick the other day and when I saw a boatload of gapers with the suns out guns out thing going on I started the most respectful maneuver possible to pass them on the shallow side. I put in some effort to get around and just when I am getting to the point where I am going to pass them the fat sunburnt redneck who had noticed us some time before yanked the chain on his aluminum tub and took a couple of strokes. Oh well. So beady eyed redneck gets down to the next acceptable plunking spot and anchors up leaving me no choice but to go right through the meat of the thing and when I do he starts yelling at me, dropping F bombs, making obscene gestures and posturing like a monkey. Of course he waits until we're well below him because he's a little bitch because when I issued my response instead of pulling the pin and coming down to meet my fist he just stays parked up where there's no way I can get to him. I was with my wife and another couple and we were mostly out for a leisurely float.
  2. Yard Sale Active Member

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    So you are pissed about dealing with traffic but then say the river is on fire? Confusing....
  3. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    The Klick really needed another complaint thread? Seems that we're up to 2-3 per week.
  4. ribka Active Member

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    Douchebag vs red neck UFC on the Klick. I would pay to see that action.
  5. Chris Bellows The Thought Train

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    i think this is all a conspiracy to keep people from fishing the klickitat. multiple threads per week complaining about the crowding by people fishing an empty river.

    pure genius. ;)
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  6. Evan Salmon Member

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    So you had 10 or 15 bad moments on one day long drift? How did the rest of the day go?
  7. Achilles Member

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    I personally enjoyed the post. It paints a really vivid picture and I think the writing is excellent. Just wanted to give credit where credit is do.

    Sorry about the posturing ape. I got hit in the shoulder by a sunburnt, stale, alcoholic gentleman throwing a buzz bomb on the sky this weekend. I thought about engaging with him but he looked like he was dumb enough to bury me up in the hills behind the shed. If you know what I mean. And as Goethe said, "I have learned to never engage a man in a battle of the wits, especially when he is unarmed."
  8. gearhead Active Member

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    Sounds like aluminum vs fiberglass now.;) always love the class warfare, its entertaining to say the least.
  9. Yard Sale Active Member

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    Just to make everybody feel a little better:

    Fished yesterday and had a boat work hard to drift behind me. As they went by I turned to thank them. Biggest hillbilly types I've ever seen on the water. Cut off jeans, cut off flannel shirt and the most glorious mullet you've ever seen. Never seen an IROC with a trailer hitch but I know it had to be at the put-in.

    They were cool as could be and quietly drifted all the way through the giant run I was working down. Except for the crrrsscchkt of what I assume was a tallboy of Busch light!
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    If he was such a 'little bitch' why didn't you just wait down river, or pull over and hike back up, and tune him up?

    Karma doesn't work the way some of you want it to. The more you post on the internet about popular rivers, the more Tsagaglalal goes out of her way to shit on your trips.
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  11. High Flyin Member

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    This post didn't work out as planned. Did it?
  12. John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

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    He did mention that he was in the boat with his wife and another couple. Besides, what would be the use of brawling with some dipshit on the river? Just my thoughts
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  13. constructeur Active Member

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    If you read the end of the first post:
    You'll see that Ben says he wanted to have a go at the guy, wife there or not, but couldn't get to him. I just pointed out two options he could have taken if he did in fact want to fight.
  14. Evan Salmon Member

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  15. Benjy Active Member

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    I didn't really want to get into a fight, and honestly, the good ol' boy gear fishermen have been nothing but nice to me on the river. This was just an isolated case of some assholes giving everyone a bad name. I am way in favor of allowing fishing from boats on that river, but if this kind of thing happens again I may change my position.
  16. JesseC Active Member

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    New rules won't solve an asshole problem.

    Keep a rubber chicken in your boat for next time. Or a manequin head - that always gets em when you raise it by the hair and howl at the top of your lungs - even works on the coast.
  17. ambassadeur10000 Member

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    these are the kinds of things we have to deal with when more and more people want to enjoy the outdoors. it happens everywhere
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