Down in the Marrow

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tacoma Red, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    I've been going 2-2 for the last 5 days. Every day pretty much the same with action coming at dawn or just pre-dawn. A little rain this morning. What's been odd is no visible signs of fish: coho jumping, no bait n birds, maybe an occasional seal but not often. No boaters and the very few others fishing (herring chuckers) have done well also. Not crowded. I'm always amazed at the amount of water flow right at the beach, almost a little scary as a bad fall in deeper water and your crab bait 500 yards out in an instant. I've been using clousers, chart or pink over white with a size 4 red stinger. I also caught a fish on a chart over white with just a few strands of blue polar flash. I'm liking my new Outbound Intermediate. This is the first fish I caught on Monday and all the rest since have been larger and slightly hooked-nose.

    My arm is sore...and I think the fishing's picking back up.

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  2. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Sounds like more action then where I've been fishing. Great job, sounds like your having a blast!
  3. daveypetey

    daveypetey Active Member

    Where is the Marrow? I am off Monday and would love a day trip to get back into something big and silver.
  4. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    Marrowstone Point. Need Discover Pass. As you enter the park go straight uphill. The Ranger house is a left turn so go straight. Drive to the top of hill and you'll see a sign directing you down to the point. Activity for me has been on east facing beach just slightly South of actual point. Curious about Bluff area and the spit area to the West but haven't needed to.

    Has anyone experience about the beach and spit for the entrance to Squim Bay?. I've not fished it but looks good. Rocky first part and all sand, a very nice drift cell, the last part.
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  5. Josh Smestad

    Josh Smestad aka Mtnwkr

    Happy to hear your still taking fish up north, means the fishing here will be good for a little bit longer.. :)
  6. ten80

    ten80 Active Member

    Any sign of netters near Marrowstone? Fishing was has been slow in MA10 and MA9 lately, I suspect the commercial fishermen are intercepting a lot of the shoreline-travelling fish right now.
  7. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    No netting that I saw except for some commercial boats passing thru. I have seen nets further south near tribal areas.
  8. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    I think they're seining at night in MA-9. I was talking with Dimebright about this earlier today and I think you're right about why it's been slower in 9 and 10.
  9. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Sweet. I may just head up there in the am.
  10. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    Anyone ever fish from the beach at the entrance to Squim bay lately?
  11. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    Best of luck. Maybe Tuesday for me at the earliest. Maybe explore between PT and Squim.
  12. DimeBrite

    DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

    Not pleasant when places named on the internet are swarmed with lurkers the next time you visit them.
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  13. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    Hmmm. My experience here is that fly fisher people are posting to help one another out and I'm glad it's working so well and you've been generous in those regards. However I've never had allusions that this Internet site is exclusive to any select group of people. Trying to limit the crowd to any well known area, say PnP, LP, BP, SP, vs any other area is futile IMHO but perhaps you know better than I. Thanks for your input.
  14. ten80

    ten80 Active Member

    I think it unlikely that swarms of gearheads and fly fishermen will descend upon Marrowstone park; it's quite a haul out there from Seattle, plus the fishing beach crowds are winding down anyways. I appreciate the info Tacoma Red, thanks!
  15. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    A lot of info can be shared without naming a specific location, regardless of it's popularity.
    Glad you are having a good season.
  16. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Well I was one of the people who swarmed up there. Thought it would be a nice change of pace from the usual haunt. Dead as a door nail up there. 4 fish hooked and 2 landed by the herring folks then just dead. I had a couple bumps but no takers. I did see a big commercial boat go by while we were there. No idea if they've been netting in the area or not.

    At any rate, I've been meaning to check it out for some time. Strange beach/current compared to what I'm used to. Less crowded than other popular beaches but still not much room to move around as the beach was pretty much lined with anglers. No one cussing each other out though so that was a nice change ;)

    In general, it's not a good idea to name beaches on the forums. You can post something like "MA-9 Report" and if someone PM's asking for more details and you feel like giving them then that's fine. I didn't used to be a believer, but we saw large increases of people at our normal beach after posting a bunch of good reports this year. It's nice to help people out, but a beach that's too crowded to fish doesn't help anyone out.
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  17. DimeBrite

    DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

    Not trying to be critical, it's just wise to be careful in the age of information. On the other hand you can PM me the location where you caught your chinook earlier in the summer.

  18. Go Fish

    Go Fish Language, its a virus

    Why would you post a location?
    You wan't company?
    You got it.

  19. Tony

    Tony Tony

    Pretty silly the beaches that produce well are very well known and frequented constantly by all so naming a popular beach isn't harmful it's the little known gems that one needs to keep to themselves, marrow stone is so well known and on top of that way obvious to anyone with half a brain the only reason it isn't completely mobbed is because it's a bitch to get to from anywhere but the locals know it well.