Down N Dirty Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Rob Ast, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hey Rob,
    The handle is papafsh, with out the i

  2. Doode, just send a dozen beads and score some flies, simple:thumb::rofl:
  3. Better be some triple coated 14MM beads with Discontinued Polish!
  4. can i take the last slot please?
  5. The man has a point.

    Will custom painted beads be acceptable? :cool:
  6. any room left? For one more.....ME
  7. So we are full at 12, with a few more requests to join. Are the first 12 tiers cool with bumping it to 15? I'm not sure if Evan was serious with his pegged bead, but I know I'll steal any fishy mojo I can get from that guy. I'll let the first 12 guys chime in, over the next day or two, then we'll pick a due date.

  8. sounds great. I assume we are tying a fly for everyone?
  9. why not 15? sounds fine to me.
  10. Yup - you send me the required number, I send you a complete set back.
  11. Thanks rob
  12. bump it up!
  13. I am tying a brown worm
  14. I must have 15 bad ties I want to get rid of, okay here they come..
  15. No problem with 15- the more the merrier!

  16. Ill take a spot if you can make it 16. Or ill take Evans spot if hes not serious.

    Lemme know.


    Im looking to tie up some nasty egg sucking stones for you guys..... lemme in!
  17. How about a due date since everyone is signed up I assume? Sooner the better, since it's prime time nymphing now.
  18. Ring,
    Its also a very busy time for families and family men.
    I'd rather tie flies than Christmas shop but the shopping is more important. Don't put too much pressure on me...I'm just a fisherman!
  19. Okay all, it looks like 15 is the magic number of tiers. Does a due date of January 15 work? I figure a month should be doable, even with the holidays.
  20. On Dec. 24th I turn into Santa Claus. Of course I can have them ready by the 15th. I'll even throw in a little magic to guarantee they catch fish. of those statements might be true.

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