Down N Dirty Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Rob Ast, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Jan 15th is good with me.
  2. Rob PM me address to send them
  3. Ahhh the 15th a date to remember... the day the fisherman win and the hatchery brats die!
    I'll be looking forward to receiving my new arsonal of weapons!
  4. 10-4,

    Jan. 15th for a slew of Steelhead candy!

    PM me as well with the shipping info.


  5. Sounds good. Mine should be done soon!
  6. Started playing with some ideas today. You all will be getting an original tie from me. I like to gather inspiration from other patterens, but I never follow a pattern :)

    Things to look for in a swap named down N dirty... in my opinion...

    bunny strips
    cone heads

    woop woop
  7. Is this a fly for swinging?
  8. its more of a hybrid. can be nymphed or swung
  9. January 15th is OK by me, and Rob, thanks for the explanation of what "Down and Dirty" actually is. The fly I'm tying is exactly that.

  10. Ten done, five more to go. This is my favorite winter fly. this pattern has taken Steelhead, Pinks, Silvers, Chum, Dolly's, & Rainbow, in Alaska, Canada and Washington. It is a true articulated- body fly that swims hook up. That means it will fish all day without snagging up. If it hangs up a simple release of line tension will, almost always, free it.
    Here's a couple pic's.

  11. LB, I tie a similar fly with different colorations. The materials up front seem similar and I get funny looks. I know I like them, I like the water they push and the movement the fly has so I'm confident in it. Good to see your pattern because I like it and look forward to fishing it hard.
  12. Mumbles,
    That orange collar is Reindeer Fur strip wrapped once, it lays down nice but, as you noted, still pushes water. Think you already have one of my articulated-body fly's. This one is tied the same way #3 barrel swivel head, Gamakatsu, size 1, siwash hook body.
  13. here is a sneak peak. a couple tweaks to be made, this is prototype #4.

    sorry for the horrible webcam picture ill get something better later and replace the flic.

  14. Hey Dustin,
    I think you fly fell into your drinky-poo, little more risky than a tequila worm...LOL!!

    We'll wait while you sober up for the better pic's.;)

  15. I'm not going to post an "early reveal" of my aquatic knuckle-dragger. I'm going to make you wait for it. And when you recieve it you'll say out loud, THAT CRAP IS NOT WORTH WAITING FOR ! :beathead:
  16. I call bull.

    I'm gonna post a picture of mine, dangling out of the mouth of a nice bright fish this weekend during field testing phases...and then make you wait for it. {and then I woke up and reaized I was having a nice dream}
  17. You know... Ed, if done properly... no one will know you "photo shopped" that whale with your fly in its mouth

  18. so what you are saying is....."and then I woke up" ?

    this is the field test of the fly I am tying View attachment 37145
    after a day and a half of swinging beautifully crafted Spey flies, 1-hour-per-fly intruders, and flies that look pretty swinging through a run I put what I am tying for the swap on.
  19. Ready any time.
  20. Hey all, Thediousthumper (Thad) wins as the first flies to my door. You want down and dirty, you're getting down and dirty. As a reminder, please package your flies in a manner that can be returned to you, and include return postage. For anyone going to O'rads BBQ in January I will be happy to hand deliver flies as long as everyone has theirs in on time. Oh, and toe tags are appreciated.

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