Down N Dirty Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Rob Ast, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Down and Dirty? Back early from the OP, house is empty, tied up something that I think is dirty. Eight done. How many more?
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  2. LOL! Good one Mumbles, I really did laugh out loud when I saw that.

  3. Rob, mine are tagged and ready to go fish but need directions. I think I hear them doing their best Mumbles impression. Quietly so they don't disturb my wifes nap, bite me! bite me! bite me! Thanks
  4. to be fair, I am pretty sure i tied one of these at the last hohdown. I was just being introduced to the idea of an egg fly back then.

    is it beads on mono attached to the hook with white marabo sperm?

    Also, this is my first swap so I am wondering if the flies need to be exactly identical, or if I can mix up the color combos. Same pattern just with some color variations. I hope this is ok.
  5. Not sure what "to be fair" as a lead in suggests. Perhaps I stole your pattern idea? Well, it is down and dirty. There are three beads on spectra fiber line lashed to the hook and then a dubbing loop of spun maribou is wrapped around/between the "egg" beads. Pretty simple to tie, just like Rob's rules said, no hour long fancy spey or dee flies. Something down and dirty.

    As for variations, it can be done but generally in swaps you tie one pattern as close to identical as possible so that everyone gets the same flies. Despite this seemingly normal trend it seems by "I hope this is ok." means you already have formulated your plan. Roll with what you want.
  6. im not to sure what it meant either. i was just stoked to see it and it reminded me of the hoh down.

    well I have only tied up 4 in a few color combos, mostly to see what i liked. those can go in the box and ill start fresh on the 15 and keep them close. there may be some slight variations in color but nothing major.
  7. Body looks a little on the thin side, but this is what I have come up with so far...
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  8. Btw, any feedback on this pattern would be appreciated :thumb:
    I am not sure what happened to the page with pattern during the website transition, but it used to be part of the Steelhead Nymphing Strategies
  9. Whit, If you want to bulk it up without increasing the dubbing try using an underbody of poly yarn (or similar). Alternatively you could palmer some soft hackle or add some marabou.
  10. Good point Rob, I often put a layer of inexpensive yarn under the body dubbing to add some bulk.
  11. Good idea gentlemen... I was hoping the added wire would make the underbody thick enough enough for the dubbing top... I will pop on some yarn first and see how it looks when I get home from vacation
  12. Whit, my only caution about the yarn, which I failed to mention. The type of yarn will determine if this body base adds buyoancy (polyester) or picks up the water and adds to the ability for the fly to get down (wool). The crafty gent that taught my first fly tying class liked a four strand red wool yarn under the body of some pheasant tail nymphs. As the fish hammer it the red color seems to enhance the fish interest. He cuts the length desired off and splits the four strand yarn into single strands for the smaller flies. I have wrapped a lot of my shank flies in this four strand wool yard to add body bulk before putting a fuzzy dubbing over the top. I like the results. Not sure if the fish give two shakes of a tail or not, but if you have a fly on that you are confident with then you probably have the right fly on, right?
  13. Alright all, 3weeks and counting. Have 2 sets to hand so far. All flies need to be at my place BY the 15th. I plan on handing flies out at the O-rad bash to those who are going, so I need to be able to package them prior to the event.
  14. Durn near done.
  15. i need to buy some beads to finish mine ;)
    you said "dirty" whats dirtier than a pink worm/bead combo?
  16. MY pink worm/bead combo :)
  17. Mine will be there in time Rob, I ran out of Trilobal Antron for the body. I need to drive down to Everett..ugh!...for more and I'll get that done this next week.

  18. Great minds think alike Rob, but fools seldom differ
  19. where do you want them sent to Rob?
  20. I ran out off chenille on half the flies and stopped by 2 shops with no luck. Half of them will be a different chenille color but they will still work!

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