Down N Dirty Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Rob Ast, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Flies are due to me in a week and a half. Depending on where you live need to be mailed in 1 week. I'm starting t get some, and so far they look great.

  2. I'm getting there. Still can't sit and tie more then one at a time as my knee stiffens up.
  3. I got five more to go! :)
  4. Mine will be done tonight or tomorrow. I'll work out a hand off to you Rob.
  5. I have a few done. Im cranking out a few each night when I have time. Going to be a crowd pleaser for sure

  6. sweet avatar

    I am half way there plus an extra fopr the swap master
  7. In the mail.
  8. just got done! :) in the mail Friday with a little gift for the swap master! :)

  9. Mine are done
    Will be in the mail shortly
  10. Done. Will hand them over to you at your convenience. Tell me when and where.
  11. In the mail. No return shipping. Just give them to Mumbles when you see him. I get them from him.
  12. That will be a four fly service fee.
  13. Bad karma. Besides are you not riding down to Orad's bash with me? AND crashing in the MH.
  14. I can hear it now all the way there and back: Jeff "It's a long walk home...a long walk home."
    Still not sure I'm gonna make it. If it cost me some of my fishing days I'm gonna keep them and fish. As much as I'd like to party with the cool kids, I need to fish too. I'll let you know!
  15. Way to go there Mumbles, keeping your priorities straight :thumb:

  16. Rob: sending mine monday three day priority. There is something special in the box for you! keep it and enjoy! :)
  17. Mine will be done soon.
  18. Rob, I've got mine in the rig. If I can connect with you tomorrow let me know.
  19. you all meeting for a face swap this weekend? Saturday? Where and win
  20. Isnt O-RADs bbq this saturday? Im assuming thats where the meet up will be

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