Downtime & Upgrades

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Sorry about the outage. In this case it was a Comcast network issue impacting the data center my server is at. Resolved, obviously.

    Now it's time for a forum & gallery software upgrade, and to fix the protides maps. During the upgrades there may be some short duration downtime.

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  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, ooooooooooooooo!
  3. Putting off the upgrades under the latest forum version is released. Might be another week or two.
  4. Sometimes program upgrades cause no problems.... I can't think of any that didn't cause a problem but there's got to have been one somewhere :)
  5. It was shut down. I didn't feel a thing.
  6. I was so bored at work this morning without the forums...
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  7. i would have rather dealt with the outage than been shopping at the shelton walmart. the things i cannot un-see.
  8. Chris Scoones, thank you. To show my appreciation, maybe I should send you a kitten. Would you like that?
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  9. Sure Ed, as long as you trade with me so Susie's POS cat is gone for good.
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  10. Um...well...she's pretty nice to me when I just drop in doing my infrequent NB drive by's. I'm thinking it unhealthy to get between that one and her cat!
  11. Tell her the dingo ate her kitty.
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  12. So bored that when it came back up he made an account, lol. WELCOME!:confused:
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  13. Perhaps a cage match between a POS cat, a dingo and an otter?
  14. My money is on the otter.
  15. Been a member for a while, just more on the learning side of the equation since I moved out here. If anyone is going to the Driftless however, I got loads of intel!
  16. Where from in Wisconsin. I was born there. Sheboygan to be exact. Don't remember much about that state. Moved from there to Washington in 1944. And now I'm in Montana.
  17. Born in Eau Claire, moved to Illinois, then Washington (Omak), then Idaho (Sandpoint), then Iowa, then Illinois, then back to Wisconsin. Madison and Milwaukee over the previous six years.

    Up until this summer, Wisconsin was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Sheboygan was nice the few times I was passing through. Much of the east side of the state is sort of trying to find itself again after a rather lengthy depression but bouncing back in its own Wisconsin way. Lots of cheese, beer, and the Packers.

    Tried fishing as a kid but was pretty terrible at it and limited to family camping trips and a few neighbors who had the resources. Got back in to it and really in to fly fishing when I was in Madison and the Driftless was in my backyard. Still pretty terrible at it but at least I can go and do it when I want ;)
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  18. You should collaborate with all other forums of all types and do your upgrades at the same time. Productivity all over the world would skyrocket! if for only an hour or two...
  19. I also lived in Green Bay, but was to young to remember it. And also live in Madison. But like I said it was in the 30's and early 40's. My folks moved to Washington so my Dad could get a job in Puget Sound Navel Shipyard.

    Boy that was one hell of a long time ago.

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