Downton Abbey

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  1. Aside from JesseCFowl, who caught the fly fishing scene on the last installment of Downton Abbey.
    Nice looking equipment and a nice looking fish.
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  2. You see the box of flies?
  3. I missed that. I enjoy the show more when I see each episode the second time. Knowing the story, I can then concentrate on details. Love to look for errors. Found one last week where a picture was crooked. Missed the fly box. May have been reaching for my tea cup then.
  4. Hatchery fish, neither actor could cast, the fly box was cool.
  5. The cast at the very end of the scene was an interesting one. Sounded like a bait caster. I think they had 8 ounces of lead on.
    Fish was a nice size.
  6. Wow, did I just enter the Twilight Zone or something? WTF? Guys on a fly fishing forum discussing a soap opera?! (even if it is a nighttime PBS soap/mini-series) Did I miss hell freezing over?!

    Just kidding, I watch it too. Actually, I watched the whole season on-line months ago as I couldn't wait! I missed the fly box as I watched it on my iPhone so I guess I'll have to watch it again on a larger screen.
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  7. Yeah, it's a soap but done so well. The clothing, the cars, the furnishings, the events of the time etc. etc. Great characters, great acting - and fly fisherman to boot!
  8. WTF! It must be the Twight zone.
  9. Hmm, I might just have to start watching this show. Not much for dramas, but I've heard a lot of good reviews of Downton Abbey. I'm a fan of PBS, I like what they put out there. It's kinda funny how the publicly owned channels are the ones I find myself watching most.
  10. Holy crap; seriously?
    What a great show. Only thing I've watched on TV since LOST.
    Drama. The human condition. England. War. Culture change. Wow.
    Somehow....i missed the fishing.
  11. I know it's early in the year, but so far this is the gayest thread of 2013. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Carry on lads.
  12. Can someone ID the fish for me? ... Pause ... Dude, I think it was an Atlantic salmon. Actual the fish I was most disturbed about was the shark they jumped at the end of the show.
  13. I much prefer Upside Downton Abbey.
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  14. e8752d0ee637b9c29fc89f16ff92c2f3.jpg The fish sure looked like an Atlantic. The reels looked like Hardy Perfects on spey rods. I agree with the Shark Jump.
  15. How do you find time to watch soaps Jack? I've never heard of this show, do they really fish or is it just stuck in once in a while between bedroom scenes? Very interesting........:)
  16. On CANE spey rods, prolly with spliced joints no less.

  17. I would have known they were Hardys without seeing them when I heard the signature drag sound.
    My Dad's Cane Spey rod had spliced joints.
  18. Hmmm. Sound a lot like Game of Thrones . . .minus the cars and fly fishing.
  19. There was a fish? We watch it on Amazon, and If there's a scene with a fish it must have been cut out. Matthew got what he deserved for that cast.
  20. For those perplexed. Here's a link to the episode in question. I cry every. damn. time.

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