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    I think a different hook would suit this fly more, or else a lower wing. Tail too high and long, body too short. Took some liberties with the widgeon (gadwell sub) throat and added a wool head. One of the horns is crooked, but it was straight when i put it on....ah well - at least there's stuff to still work on.

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    Nice fly -
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    Nice one Eunan, I'd have to agree with you on the body and tail, it's one of the problems I've had until recently, too long of a tail, I ended up with a size 5/0 fly on a 4/0 hook. Thanks for bringing that to my attention a few flies back.

    I think the wings are great, nice shape and mounted well. Looking forward to more, and I'm glad you're finding time to tie.

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    oh yeah I have the same problem tooo.........

    you two tie these unbelievable works of art and then find fault with them...one of the horns is crooked .0003 mm to the left
    there are two fibers of dubbing in the head too many

    I have yet to master the whip finish

    Beautiful tie!
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