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  1. Larry,

    Got mine ready to mail.


  2. You're fast. I'm still looking for 2 more tiers if possible. Surely they are out there. If you insist on sending them now, I would say to do 10. :)
  3. I'm in. Ill post later what pattern i plan to use.
  4. Thanks Dustin! We needed you! I'll put you on the list. :thumb:


    SIGN UP PLEASE..................THANKS! :) :) :) :thumb:
  6. Dragons in the mail today. Can't wait to see the others. I sent 12 in case we get that many...
  7. my patterns in the mail 1 hour ago, sent a dozen as well. keep whats left over Larry. Thanks. :thumb:
  8. Mine are in the mail also. Tied a dozen just in case. Keep the extras for yourself!!!

  9. Ill do them this weekend,but how are you guys in the know of where to mail them??
  10. im sorry to do this but i lost all my hooks and thread when i moved so until i find that stuff i cant really tie much. it was like half my suppply. sorry guys, i really wanted to do this.
  11. OK. We'll put you on the fly tier "S" List!!!! :beathead:
  12. Holy hell, i have plenty of thread and hooks, you want me to tie another pattern?

  13. You need me to tie another pattern up so we can get this finished? I noticed your desk was kinda empty in your picture on the "Fly Tying Table" thread. Hope you find your gear so you can clutter up that desk!!
  14. Ha. Ha. Good one twinlakes!

    And to EVERYONE, I have received twinlakesleach and flypunks flies in the mail yesterday, and, let me tell you they are terrific ties! The dragonfly nymph is a killer pattern. Good job you guys. Nice. I like'um! Looks like we have only 8 tiers, so I can send your extras back so you can keep your fly box full. :thumb:

  15. Larry,

    Seriously, just keep the extras. I don't need them. Go look at my pictures under the "Fly Tying Desk" thread and you will see that i have a very bad addiction!!!!!!:thumb:
  16. I'll tie an extra one, don't worry about it.

  17. You sure do!!!! Sweet! :thumb:
  18. Hey Larry. Keep my extras too. Believe me, my fly fishing/tying addiction is just as bad or worse than twinlake's. We have a bit of a unspoken competition of "He who dies with the most fly gear wins" thing goin on. Enjoy. Glad you like the patterns. :thumb:
  19. Alright! I received chattmr flies in the mail today all the way from Birmingham, Alabama! That's right, Birmingham. They are called the
    "Clouser Bucktail Dragon" and are quite unique. I guess the rest of us should start tying. I have received three (3) patterns in the mail already.
    Good Luck tying!!!

  20. Did mine last weekend and will get them in the mail next couple days.I had a pretty good buzz goin:beer1:ptyd when I tied them, but they look pretty cool.

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