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  1. No draw and timber permits make for a bit of a buzz kill.
  2. We got drawn for muzzleloader cow elk at Umtanum.
  3. Hey, look at that! Another year of nothing.:mad:
  4. Observatory archery bull tag

    Alex can help with your ml cow tag. I drew and filled that same ml cow tag 3 times. Not too difficult to fill with some scouting and a lot of walking during the season.

    Only unknown will be fires this year unless we start receiving some rain fall.
  5. Thanks, Tom! I'm seriously thinking of doing this on one of my mtn bikes, but I need to see what's rideable (legal). The way I see it, the terrain's not too difficult, and with a bike, I could cover a lot more ground! Montana Scabbards has a good carrier for the smokepole, but I'm getting concerned about the dryness. I'll be hauling a flint gun this season.
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  6. The archery group I go with got (5) cow tags this year. Might actually bring home an animal this year. Best we have done in the past was three cows.
  7. I thought the mountain bike route too when I first moved here. Better to get around in a vehicle, park and drop down into the deep dark timber. Now getting the elk out in hot weather with hornets crwaling over the meat during the quatering process and meat spoilage is another issue. I carry pam spray and black pepper for the hornets, wasps and hang the skinned out quarters in the shade to cool off before the pack out. Hit me up in August Sept come over and bring a map and will show you where to find a cow. I have trail cams up in the unit now.
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  8. Alex, if the schedule fits into my fall coaching i will ride along and haul out quarters!
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