Dreyfus' Eulogy

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by wadin' boot, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Herbert Lom died this last week and if you're wondering who he was, well he was Chief Inspector Dreyfus....as in Clouseau's Boss from the Pink Panther movies.

    I was tying up some flies this past week and thought I'd call this the Dreyfus, or the H-Lomb or the Chief or something in his honor. It's not pretty, but none of my flies are:


    Got into a estuarine mix, though probably not enough for a Curt Smalma slam

    Nice chunky Coho
    Staghorn Sculpins
    Bull Trout

    I was in the Kayak. At one point, anchored in front of a rougher patch of water, I hooked a smallish SRC, and as I was lining in, a seal moved in fast, made a pass, and failed to connect. This is a stand up Kayak, and I was up. I sat down pretty fast, netted the fish, and the seal snorted off. I was not all that prepared for this threat and could see how that could turn south fast.

    That same Seal keyed in on the Coho when it was on, though he was further out, and I had a little more time. Suffice it to say that fish was not overplayed. The consequence being a large fish flopping around energetically in the kayak. Any tips on quickly killing a fish on a kayak when seals are around so that it doesn't end up like a scene from psycho? Jim? Chris?
  2. Club the coho. Simple, swift, effective euthanasia!
  3. Excellent, I have always wanted a rubber mallet but never needed one. Now want = need
  4. I bonk 'em smartly on the noggin with my wood fish bonker. Looks like it was custom made, turned on a lathe. I found it on the bank next to some good Coho water. If somebody comes up to me and says, "Hey, I see you found my fish bonker!" I will return it to them if they can name the stream where I found it.

    With a seal or sea lion around, I would be hesitant to put the fish on a rope and slit itz gills to let it bleed out in the water.

    Chris' rubber mallet looks like it might be useful as seal deterrence.

    Not much one can do when an interested seal is present when one hooks up, except to horse the fish in asap.

    Oops! I almost forgot to say, "Nice looking fly, boot!" I loved those Pink Panther movies. I'm going to have to review them this winter.

    Also, I was forced to use an inferior bonker this Thurs on a chromer hatchery Coho hen that grabbed my jig in the tidal flux of the Chehalis (no longer the Che-Ho-Less). It was a section of straight broom handle which was too long to get a good back-swing in confined quarters, and a bit too light and skinny, but I was being chauffeured around on the river by a buddy who is a reasonably knowledegable river rat, so I didn't complain.

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