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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by grandma grann, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. I own a 14 foot 48 inch beam wooden drift boat I need to get some new oars 9ft or 8.6 I'm not looking to spend a lot of money but I will if it's a good deal

    If you know anything about oars I would love to hear about what lengths work the best what blades should a match up with the shaft?

    thank you
  2. Rule of thumb is 1/2 distance between the oarlocks is 1/3 overall length of oars; i.e. if it's 72" between oarlocks you'd want a 9' oar. That can be adjusted depending on seat hight above water & ppersonal preference, but it's a start.
    NRS Community Gear Swap sometimes has used oars, also Mountain Buzz. I picked up a Sawyer Polecat with blade, rope wrap & counterbalance for $188 shipped last month on sale @ 4Corners Riversports; may still be going on.
  3. you seem to know a lot about oars what is the best blade type? narrow, wide, shoal cut
  4. I'm not the one to answer that, maybe if you moved the question to watercraft? I use Cataract Magnums.
  5. We have some 9' counter balanced, rope wrapped Cataract oars (shaft and blades), lightly used.

    If interested, PM me and I can get you a price.
  6. I thing im interest in buying your oars can you tall me more about them what kind of blade to they have?
  7. I too thought about those shoal. But I heard they work you over pretty bad. I went with the Sawyer Hybrid square tops, tapered shaft counter balanced oars with the Dyne-lite blades. Not cheap, but well worth it. You would not believe the difference these oars made. Whatever came with my Clack has been relegated to the rafters. And there they will stay, until I sell the boat. Part with the Sawyers? Never.
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