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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by stokes, Feb 2, 2006.

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    I've researched this one to death and still haven't found an obvious answer...so I turn to the masses for insight.

    I've got a Clackacraft with the side channels for rod storage. You can slip two rods into each. With three guys rocking two rigs, that leaves two rods rolling about so I'm wanting to add some storage.

    I've seen boats go by that have vertical rod mounts, but I haven't had the opportunity to get up close enough to see the where's and how's. I think that the best spot is probably on the front side of the rear leg brace directly behind the rower. I've seen them mounted towards the front brace, but that kills any notion of fishing from the front while a rod is stored there.

    I would think that adding horizontal mounts between the side bench and gunwale would be the optimal place...since it's out of the way save for entry/exit.

    Has anybody modded out their boat to create a solution to this? I'm at that point of rolling my own, but am certainly hesitant about taking the drill to my boat.

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    I too have seen rods stowed vertical, however, this seems dangerous when floating rivers with overhanging limbs.

    My Lavro has two rubber mounts that are glued to the gunwales, which at best can handle four rods. The only problem is anything over 10' doesn't fit, and the rods must be follow the curveture of the boat....so spey rods must extend over the stern.

    I've resorted to just having the butts of the rods hang from the rower's bench and the remainder...normally 2-3' of the tip hang of the stern. I also place my spare oar on this side which then requires (if there is one) passenger in the rear to jump in on the opposite side.
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    I would talk to clacka about this. Perhaps you could mount another full length fiberglass tube up about 6" than the factory tubes. To do it right would probably require some expert fiberglass work, if anyone could do that the guys at Clacka could.

    You could also check out the rod holders that Hog Island drift boat works uses http://www.hogislandboatworks.com/features.html . It's like what I'm talking about above, except they're made out of poly, because they don't roto-mold in rod holders when they build their boats. If the mounting point is high enough above the water line you could just drill the darn things through, it might look bad from the outside but would probably work, plus you would want to check with Clacka to see if it would do anything to the warranty.

    Or you could just have the lazy guys kicking back while you row hold on to the extra rods instead of guzzling beer.

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    Take a look near the front of the oar lock, this particular boat was outfitted for multi day river expeditions, it is a simple boat rod holder purchased at any G.I Joes or otherwise. The owner of this boat likes to run up and down big rivers for days at a time while pulling plugs and casting flies. Trust me, we had 10 or 12 rods rigged at any given time, we needed every rod holder available.


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    I have a Clackacraft and pften float the Deschutes River in Oregon. We can't fish from the boat, so I mounted a Berkeley (?) vertical rod rack holder on the base of my front storage compartment. It doesn't interfere with the leg brace on my boat and makes it handy to grab either the nymph outfit or dry flyrod, depending on where you stop. It doesn't work on the Yakima or other places where you can fish from the boat.
  6. Jim Kerr Active Member

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    I gave up. Vertical racks obviousy interfere with casting, I never found a way to add aditional rod storage that was both out of the way and handy. I store a couple in the built ins and have the guys fishing take care of one each. I used to try to carry a bunch of strung up rods but after a few years it just seemed to add up to tangles and lots more broken sticks.
    Good luck,
  7. ssickle1 Slow and Low

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    I have the bottom half of a verticle rack rivetted into tthe bottom of the front dry box and the other half mounted on top of the rowers bench. works great for me.
  8. Denny Wagenman Active Member

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    With 3 guys having 2 rods apiece I assume 2 of those rods are in hand and fishing which leaves you with 4 rods to store.

    I also have a Clack and I went to a golf equipment store and bought four plastic club seperators that go into golf bags. These are about 24" long. I pushed two in each storage channel so I can store a total of 4 rods. They never, ever get tangled up with each other.

    Just a thought
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    The tubes are a great idea to keep from the double rod tangle...I like that.

    On the quantity, it depends on the river. Spots like the Deschutes don't allow for fishing from the boat, so you're storing at least six on the go. I string up three myself for that float. Even on the Yak it's nice to have a spot to drop those extra rods where they won't get stepped on or thrown about.

    I'm going to call Clacka and see what they can provide for insight...will report back anything interesting. Thanks all for the input.

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    Not much more to offer from Clacka....Berkley horizontal racks mounted on the side with shoe goo, one screw under gunwale on the outside where it wouldn't be visible.

    Too many rods in the boat is a good problem to have. I'll survive. :beer1: