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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Cassius, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Cassius

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    I'm curious if anyone has a suggestion for a good drift boat. I usually fish with just me and the dog. That means that little one-man jobs are too small and full scale drift boats are too big. What is just right? Of course I'd prefer something that can be loaded in the back of the pick-up rather than on a trailer. :dunno
  2. alpinetrout

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    Have you looked at the bigger pontoon boats with the large cargo deck?
  3. andrew

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    Check out Lavro, Ron has some smaller models...I believe 12' is smallest, and will fit inside a pickup. When I picked up my boat I saw he had a few used boats and new for sale out in the "yard"...might want to give him call.

    I have been told that larger boats (16'- 17')float better, and are just as easy to handle...but I know for sure you cannot get a 16' in a truck!
  4. speyman

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    When I was down at Ray's River Dories Ray Heater showed me a new boat which is 10-12' long, very wide and square like a pram but still handles well on a river. Had room for up to 3 due to the width and looked like it would fit in a pickup. Being made of wood it was also quite beautiful.

  5. Bob Triggs

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    I saw the hippie guide from Port Townsend in an Eastside Drift Boat out on the upper Hoh last weekend. It looked pretty nifty and manageable, and like you could put it on a truckbed or flat trailer or even car top it.