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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Gillie, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Gillie

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    Looking to get my first drift boat. I would appreciate opinions on Hyde vs. Clackacraft. Any significant pros and cons between the two.

    I am paricularly interested in experiences with the different bottoms (G4 on the hydes and the "dimpled" bottom of the Clackacraft). Any differences in manuverability and durability?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Jason Decker

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    YAKIMA AKA: Gregory Mine

    Not going to get into the Hatfield's vs. McCoy's battle, but the G4 is amazing...
  4. Gary Thompson

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    I like a dimpled bottom!!!!
  5. Gillie

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    Thanks for the links
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  7. Dunny

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    Here comes the good ole Ford vs. Chevy debate. Unfortunately, I prefer Subaru. But I digress.

    I have a 16' low pro Clack with the fancy new dimpled bottom and tunnel hull. I love it, slices through the water, easy to maneuver and with the low sides, easy to get in and out and not nearly as much resistance in the wind. Great boat for fishing the Yakima. However, I am not the best person to ask. I have never rowed a Hyde and have only ridden one. The Hyde is a fine boat too. Quite a bit heavier than Clack though, which means when you are rowing, you are moving more weight.

    There is only a couple of things a I don't like about the Clack. (1) on the rod holder going towards the stern of the boat is not blocked off at the end, so if you leave your rods in the holder when you make a quick run home, they wiggle out of the rod holder. (2) The trim on the gunnel where the strap is comes loose and leaves a pretty nasty glue resin.

    Both are relatively minor. I love the walk around seats, tons of storage and the Clacks are a little wider at the hull which, in my opinion adds a little more stability.

    But ultimately it comes down to what you like. They are both really good boats.
  8. Bryan Williamson

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    Having initiated two of those threads (links) I'll let them stand as the are.

    Now having my LP Clack for ~4 months and used it 7 times I love it! There are two things I don't like (1) the rowing seat squeaks when I row, not sure this is the case with other clacks? (2) Like Dunny said, the glue on the gunnel near the strap is bothersome.

    I've never rowed a Hyde but have rowed a Yellowstone Drifter, two different wood boats and a Lavro the Clack by far is the best rowing boat of them all.
  9. watt7770

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    Just my 2 cents worth from a guy who grew up in Idaho Falls his whole life and has used both Hyde's and Clacka's on all types of rivers.....get a Willie.
  10. Matt Paluch

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    Hi Gillie,

    I also own a 16ft clacka fishing bench and love it. You can't go wrong with the two options you mentioned though.
  11. EasyE

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    Another vote for the Clack 16 ft. Fly Bench. I got mine prior to the new dimpled bottom but I do have the tunnel hull. That boat is nice to row. The Hyde's sure are pretty boats but they look a bit on the heavy side to me. But I haven't rowed one so I really can't say how they perform. If you can, take a float in each and base your decision on personnal experience. Good luck.
  12. 406FlyFishing

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    Clacka, no question about it. John Stenerson at the Idaho Falls store is the man. There are not enough superlatives to describe the customer service I've received from John. Plus, my boat and trailer are downright awesome. Hyde on the other hand is seemingly going the opposite direction. I personally don’t have any experience with Hyde but allot of my friends do, and all of them have gone to Clacka without regrets.

    Just for comparison, you should check out RO Drift Boats. They are making serious waves here in MT and appear to be making a very nice boat. I see them all over the place out here. Almost as many RO’s as Clackas, and very few Hydes. I looked at a few RO’s up close during an event at one of our local shops, while not as finished as a Clacka, they do seem to be very well built with some innovative designs and layouts. If you call them, when you get the greeting, hit #1 for sales, you’ll get to talk to Robert, he’s the owner and a great guy BS about boats with.