Drifting a Bead setup?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by stewart dee, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Fuck Off Golfy! I am trying a new technique and you guys are messing with me. I am done with all the skunked trips and want to learn a new way to catch fish. Whats the big deal? I am ever so serious. Next time I see you on the water Golfy I will slash your tires you shit talker! You owe me an apology!
  2. I see a Mumbles video being made right now.................
  3. Truth: swinging a bead on a sink tip works
  4. Actually its harder than swinging or natural pattern nymphing. Why? Its harder to cast and staring at a bobber can cause mania, tremors, and suicidal thinking.
  5. Truth: swinging an intruder with a bead dropper works better.
  6. touche
  7. Evan,

    Thank you for the treatise on sarcasm. Was that from Wiki?

    Not meaning to enter or expand a fray, but there was an informative thread about beads a month or two back on Piscatorial's fly page. Some high liner gear guys had pounded a pool with everything, but mostly spoons, and caught 11 steelhead. That afternoon a couple fly doggers floated in and drifted beads right after one of the spoon men re-fished the pool. Result: flydoggers hooked another 9 steelhead from that pool.

    Take home message taken largely from Charles' summation, a steelhead pool has only so many takers that will hit a swung fly. This is usually the lowest number of fish in the pool. A majority of the fish will hit various and most standard drift fishing gear. Then there are those holdouts that won't hit anything, bait, lure, or fly, until some dogger comes along and drifts a bead through the run. The bead, for reasons unknown, will hook the holdouts that won't hit anything else.

    So if Stewart is tired of skunks, a bead might be his best alternative. Beads aren't about pride. Apparently they're about throwing a blasting cap in a pool to see if anything is in there.

  8. I agree Salmo ... your posts are some of the most informative on here...Stew I'm so sorry bout busting your cherry...

    I know you've been frustrated lately...and losing fish to the bead guys has made you change your tune...

    That's Ok, I apologize and hope you feel better about that...

    Wondering if you'll sell me your dingleys and perfects though....maybe your ACR and Meiser too as those aren't designed for beads you know....

    Guess some just like taking one path and others don't care if only a few will take a fly out of a pool...those are the ones we are fishing for.....

    I tend to forget you can kill your native fish on the OP.....can see it now...

    Englishman ( your name here) standing there smiling proudly with your big dead native...."Oh I had to kill it...it was bleeding so badly I had no other choice"...

    Man where did I hear that before???

    Pride out!!!
  9. You can't get frustrated about getting outfished by bead guys--- its practically unfarir. A steelhead can't resist regardless of mood and pressure.
  10. u can see the bead lust, glimmering in their unblinking eyes.
  11. Damn, a mini-flamefest and nobody even asked if you needed a Skagit line to fish beads or if a long-belly line will still turn over a Xtra Large Thingamabobber @ 100'. :rofl:
  12. Oh ya, a compact will launch that rig.
  13. I spent the last couple hours lawn casting the bobber and bead setup. Its more difficult than I thought, maybe its not for me. I guess when I get out on the water and try it the magic will happen. How far can you guys cast these big setups? Is four lead buckshot sized weights to many? My little Winston was bent to the cork. Feels a little heavy, I do want to be able to cast it out far.
  14. If you're throwing beads with a spey rod, then why not in the spey section? :rofl:
    I've never done it, but would. Go get em!
  15. Stewart.

    I think you can get down with fewer than 4 buckshot. Try 1 or 2 size 7 shot.

  16. That line was sick Evan! Dibs on the front of the boat. I can olny assume that you are completly joking Stewart. Every one knows that 20lb P-Line is way better than 30lb maxima.
  17. And long bellies are way better than skagits, mending is way easier. If you are in fact serious, then look at a speydicator or a delta spey for a line. They both turn over a bunch of junk with ease. What weight and length of rod are you using (if serious)?
  18. the 30lb maxima is so ur thingama doesnt slip around. never used a 20 lb pline
  19. I was being sarcastic. I use balloons and taper down 40lb maxima to 15 lb P-line and use a swivel in the butt section 6" from the end of the fly line.
  20. And Stew...you can't complain about not catching fish....sorry. Leave that one to me.

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