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  1. Hello,
    I’d like to organize a drop pack trip for a few close fishing friends. My original plan was to be drop packed into a US Forrest Service cabin in Idaho. Reading the interesting string on the Bob Marshall Wilderness area got me interested in other suggestions. I live in Southern Washington and would prefer something in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, or Idaho, but this is not set in stone.
    I would also like to fish in reasonable solitude, and have a couple fishing options. E.g. small streams and rivers, small rivers and lake. My friends and I have 3 seasons lightweight backpack camping equipment and are comfortable caring for ourselves. I am not opposed to an outfitter camp, but I am not looking for guided fishing.
    I would appreciate any suggestion on locations and outfitters.
    Thank you and regards,
  2. Are you interested in the high Sierras Try Rock creek pack station.They will do it to fit you. There are others in different areas. My son and I were dropped and picked up a week later it was great. we had several small lakes to Fish. very few others around.
  3. Nothing wrong with the Serrias, I’ve done quite a bit of fishing around Bishop.
    What time of year did you do your trip and how far did you travel by horse?
  4. We were fairly late in mid September but there were still several other groups moving around. Not too close to us but enough that we were aware. We were horseback 6 straight hours stopped a couple of times for a few minutes and moved on. Just to water the horses and one short pee. Same coming out. I'm not sure if there was a milage ever mentioned. We were fine and never got off the horses. There was tthe two of us and you can see how well we were set for equipment by looking at my sons album in the gallery or mine is just in the gallery in pictures. The streams we were near were small and had the same type and size of fish as the lakes we fished. I didn't take lots of fish pictures I wanted more scenery. Reallly wished we had more time. I figured out it had been 50 years about to the week since I had ridden a horse and that was coming out of Yosemite in September of 1957. Had never had a chamce to get back. Anything else just ask.
  5. TC, I and my wife have backpacked and still are equiped to but my back and her leggs have said no way. I didn't take that much backpacking equipment because we weren't moving on and we were under the weight limit they set. We were able to enjoy the luxury of what you see since I had continued to car camp. Usually on the Deschutes. Thought you would understand better that we knew what you were looking for or at.
  6. Bob,
    I am still trying to figure out how to see your galleries, but your information is very valuable. I was trying to figure out how long as a novice I could ride (and still function the next day). Thank you for your information.
  7. Hi Ray,
    This is Bobs son. I created an album on my profile, you can look at if you'd like, of the trip to the Sierra's. I had only been on a horse one other time about 25 years back. Neither my dad or I had any trouble, suprisingly no saddle sores :), and were still able to function well enough to hike up to some of the lakes.

    The drive down took us two days but was an enjoyable trip, glad my dad likes to talk, with plenty of scenery along the way.

  8. You may want to give Jeremi Syron at the Flying B a call and see what he can put together for you. They have several wilderness camps that they can pack you into.
  9. Several outfitters out of Winthrop do this. The Cascades have endless stream and lake opportunities in that area.
  10. Ron,
    Nice photo's it looks like a nice spot and I appreicate the information regarding time in the saddle. It has been a few years since I have ridden. The fishing looks like it was pretty good, did you catch anything in the small streams?
  11. I didn't try to do the strea'ms they were packed in there he tried some but they went wild when you stuck arod over the edge. It would have been nice to be able togo farther in maaybe two days and reached larger streams. plus lakes the time then raised the price so it was atoss up also it's faster to go the east side cause it's shorter quick up and over. remember I was 69 then 50 years since I had riden and the real problem was short of breath at 12000 ft. after a couple days not to bad we didn't make the hhigher lakes because the day we tried the wind was so bad we couldn't cast at the 4th lake the higher ones had goldens which we didn't get.
  12. Bob,
    I really appreciate the information. I have a map from Rock Creek Outfitters, what lake did you camp near? I'm trying to get an idea where you camped and which direction you packed in from. Looking at the map even the lowest valleys in this area are over 10,000 ft and the peaks much higher. My home in Washington is 200' above the Columbia River so I expect that I would have to acclimate too.
  13. I know an outfitter in the Eagle Caps in Oregon who will pack you in. Then can hike camp and fish a number of lakes there. Øption to hike out or get packed out again. Some really good lake fishing there and amazing country.
  14. Eagle Caps looks pretty good. A couple hour drive from home and I already have an Ore. fishing liscence. I did a web search and it fits most of my criteria....
  15. Hey Ray, Troutcreek , sorry I didn't get back to you before. Had everything get crazy for awhile. We were camped on the north side of the very first lake you reach coming up over the ridge near the lowest point. It's called Pioneer basin and has about 7 lakes scatterd up the way and they aren't as far apart as I thought from the maps. There were hikers in above us that we saw as they left. and I also don't kknow how far it would have been to hike down to Mono Creek. which we crossed onth way in but farther up and fairly small at that point..They just named the lakes nos.1,2,3,etc you could catch fish on almmost every cast at times and it was really agreat place to be. I would have really liked to go back again several times and to other areas. forgot yeah I figured we varied between 11,000 and 11, 800 as best as I could tell . Good luck Bob

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