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  1. Just realized i forgot the topping, but i still think this fly looks good with out it.
    I'll likely retie it with the topping

    Pattern is from Hale, 3rd edition (1930), but is funny how the colors are relevant to current affairs!
    Druggist - Noun
    A pharmacist or retailer of medicinal drugs.

    Hook is vintage 1/0

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  2. Oh snap!! Thats purrty!
    Very nicely tied,
    it would be a shame to fish it!

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  3. You sure do make a handsome fly
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  4. Nice one Eunan!! the wing has great shape and nice floss work. I'm assuming the receipt calls for tippets in strands?
    One thing I'm sure you noticed is the hackle isn't tight against the rib in a couple of spots, I usually don't see those
    things till after I'm done and take a picture of it. Anyway nice job.
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  5. You'd think there was a gap, but there actually isnt. I used a badger hackle dyed yellow for this one, it was the best fit in terms of length and shape, but there was a very narrow black line down the middle, which gives the illusion of a gap! funny how it worked out as i wrapped the hackle with the rotary function on the vise, right tight up against the rib!

    EDIT> actually went back and looked at a big macro image. there is one rib off kilter....eagle eyes, Mark, eagle eyes!

    The recipe just calls for tippets as an underwing, so as a break from the easier back to back i went for strands!
  6. I would love to have one of your works for a shadow box. You do the most beautiful work and very talented.
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  7. if you're seriously interested shoot me a pm.
  8. That looks terrible without the topping
    send it to me so I can throw it away for you

    send the retied one to me too I am sure it will look just as terrible
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  9. Having mastered fly tying, what hobby/pastime are you going to take up next?:D
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  10. Thats some kinda compliment...nearly built a rod this winter, but my heart wasn't in it so i sold the blank...

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