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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by TonyZ, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. TonyZ

    TonyZ Member

    I know it's not directly fishing related, but my personal shop does turn out reel seats and grips from time to time. I am in need of a quality drum sander, single or double drum, doesn't matter. If its an open end, I'm interested in a 16/32 or so. If it's a box model, the width needs to be 10" or greater. I'm looking for a jet or delta, maybe a grizzly or others. I can repair most common issues, sheared roll pin, offset tracking, feed issues, minor mechanical, rust, etc. even burned out motors, depends on the model.

    I came into a good amount of rough cut stock and it's time to ramp up turning out projects my "can you build me this" request stack.

    So, if you have one collecting dust in the corner of your garage, I could take it off your hands for a fair price and/or trade. Thanks in advance.
  2. TonyZ

    TonyZ Member

    Bump this request. All my lengthy trips are done for the year, now it's time to knock out the Woodshop list. Thanks in advance

    Let's try to sweeten the pot.... Who ever sells me one I can afford will receive a hand crafted trout catch/release net from the two wood species' (oak, walnut, maple, cherry, ash) of your choice. And either a rubber or nylon net, again, your choice. But, to spead up production, I could really use the drum sander.........
  3. tinman207

    tinman207 Active Member

    Bummer....wish I would have seen this a week ago. I just parted with a Performx that never got much use in my shop. I built my own drum sander from plans, complete with auto feed, and I hadn't fired up the Performax in a few years. The fine adjustment and accessibility of my shop built one outperforms the high end one I had for what I use it for (instrument building).
  4. TonyZ

    TonyZ Member

    Ahhh man, to bad, I should have reposted before I left for Idaho. Oh well, one will turn up in due time
  5. TonyZ

    TonyZ Member

    Last bump... I need to break down very soon and get one
  6. Patrick Gould

    Patrick Gould Active Member

    This is one tool that would be handy to have once in a while, but I can't justify the cost. When I was in Seattle used to take my stock to Foss Furniture and they would run it through theirs for cheap.
  7. CaddisSunset

    CaddisSunset Member

    There is one on Spokane Craigslist for $550....
  8. TonyZ

    TonyZ Member

    Gotta get one closer to home, thanks for noting the CL ad.

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