Dry Falls 10/21

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  1. troutpocket

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    Short report: a great fall day in the Basin. Ended the day with 30 or so fish to hand, 8-19”.

    Details: Got on the water around 8:30am. Air temp was just above freezing. The sun moved over the walls of the coulee around 10:30am. During that period before sun was on the water I covered some water and dialed in a leech bite in 6-8’ on the outside of a weedy flat (not the 10-12’ deep side). I put 10 fish in the net, all rainbows. A couple were 17-18” DF bruisers, a few 14-16” and a few 9-12” fish that were likely this spring’s new plants. Once the sun was up, the bite shut off (no taper, just done).

    I went back to covering water and picked up two fish trolling to a spot I wanted to prospect. The next three spots I tried were dead.

    Finally started picking up some fish again around 1pm when I switched up to my indicator rod but it was borderline fishing . . .a takedown every 10 minutes or so . . . I had to keep moving and the breeze was swirling like a toilet bowl flush; not ideal when using 1 anchor on my Water Master. The W finally decided to make up its mind and gave me a nice chironomid chop out of the south. I moved to a spot that I hoped would allow me to take advantage of a curving weed line. I wanted to be anchored on the deep (14’) flat and hang my bugs in such a way that they would be pushed towards the weeds.

    This is when I started fiddling with my pattern choice and figured out that I was witnessing a major change in what the fish wanted compared to my last few outings. While the past month’s fishing has been all about finding the fish and putting anything vulnerable-looking in front of them, today they were getting more selective about what to eat. When I took off my #12 flashy olive micro leech and added a #14 slim-profile black callibaetis nymph with no flash, my day got a lot better. I finally got a consistent bite between 2 -3pm and picked up another dozen fish, including my best of the day. That bite died when the W shifted and then went flat.

    I went back to covering water again (got 0 fish while trolling between spots) and visited another two spots that were unproductive. I ended the day by returning to my first productive spot and giving the leech another go. I found three more small fish and called it day around 6pm as the temperature dropped and the lake was flat calm. IMG_0735.JPG IMG_0736.JPG IMG_0732.JPG
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    Great report full of lots of useful information. Good job getting the puzzle figured out.
  3. Drifter

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    Nice report and walk through of the day's fishing. the kind of reports I like reading, and yes time to go small for me, tied up some scud hooked 14's this morning for light grey midge sippers on west side lakes. also have to tie some smaller caddis - chiro cross indi flies. I have seen tan traveling caddis as late as dec. on high westside lakes and tan or light grey chiro's. I need younger eyes!
  4. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    Nice report. DF is the next dry side lake on my list for this fall.

  5. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Great report and picks. Got me thinking, I haven't fished DF in a year or two. Now I'm Jones'n, maybe in the spring.
  6. Jeff Dodd

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    great report and the fish in your first picture is very nice!
    Thanks for the detailed report.
  7. bakerite

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    great report! Nice hearing about Dry Falls....one of my favorites when I lived in Washington. I may have to make a trip to the basin again. A beautiful lake and how the wind can swirl in there.
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    Wish I would have known I was sharing the lake with the Famous troutpocket! From what I've read on this forum, I could have learned a lot about this fly fishing game! My production was not anywhere near what you netted, however it was a beautiful day at DF.

    Next time I'll row over and introduce myself!
  9. troutpocket

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    Ha! Small world, especially in the fly fishing community. Funny thing is, when the lake gets packed, I talk to everyone that I pass nearby but when it's empty, like on Sunday, I'll make sure to give the other guy several acres of lake as a buffer . . .
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