Dry Falls and Electric Motors

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Swandazi, May 8, 2007.

  1. Swandazi Kevin

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    In the regs it says that all lakes with selective gear rules allow the use of Electric motors. Dry falls, falls under selective gear rules, But at dry falls theirs a sign that says no motors.. Is this just an out of date sign, or is their some confusion whether or not u can use electric motors on dry falls?
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    Yes, the sign is wrong. There was actually a paper signed taped up there by the F&G saying electric motors are allowed but the wind (it blows here in E. WA?!?) blew it down. Electric motors are also allowed on Beda and it has the same outdated sign saying no motors at the entrance to the lake.
  3. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    I just read the New Regs and it said no motors on fly fishing only waters.
    The only Fly Only here on the dry side is Rocky ford and you can't wade in the water or float a boat.
    All select gear lakes can use elect. motors.
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    We've got a few other fly fishing only, Leech, Chopaka, Bayley, Quail, Aenas. Haven't got the new regs. in front of me but I don't think any have been changed to Selective.
  5. Brian P Member

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    I know we are talking about Dry Falls and motors but not all selective gear lakes can you use electric motors. This may be the only lake that you cannot but I know at Medical Lake in Eastern WA you cannot use any motors of anykind on the lake. There is a city ordinance banning them and luckily this year they got the reg's right. Last year they had it wrong and it caused a lot of problems (especially with those that decided not to read the big signs posted at the launch sites stating "MOTORS PROHIBITED"). In fact you cannot even run an RC boat with a motor on it (a buddy of mine is on the city council and said they had to cancel a RC boat race as the ordinance state's that all motors are prohibited on the lake.) The city police patrol this lake pretty good so I would not take a chance and the locals are pretty protective of the lake and the rules. I always contact WDFW if I have any regulation questions and they seem to respond pretty quickly. Just my $.02.

  6. Taxon Moderator

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    Medical Lake


    If it's any consulation, I checked the current WDFW regs on Medical Lake, and they do say "Motors prohibited."