Dry Falls Fling 04/09-04/11

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tightline, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. "I panhandle for flies" - Joe Trowtbum.!!!!

    STOP THE PRESSSSS ROPER!!!!- Des was just -(just)- i repeat Just a friend, just along for the ride. ok now thats cleared up, whoa. you might get Backyard excited there:p :p could Jessica get dibs on the Fat Cat, i still have to get waders for her, she wet waded with me last summer. im thinking neoprenes. she'll probably have some fasion issue with them:p ha I APPECIATE THE OFFER ROPER, THANK YOU. SEE YA SOON. bhudda
  2. Hey Buddah,
    I have a pair of Neo's and boots... (I hope they are bigger than your lady) Also, I'll have room for one in my Zodiac... just another option. Let me know if you need me to bring em!

  3. Sorry, I was never sure...Backyard? Who's that? Somebody named Backyard??? Since Backyard seems to be MIA, it looks like you have 1st dibs on the Fat Cat. I could ask my Mrs' about her neoprenes...


    Good things come to those who wade...
  4. hmm.....
    after a week+ in Montana, the next weekend on the coast, and the following weekend at Dry Falls...Im not sure if I will still be able to cast or stand anymore for that matter. I'll try to make it, but Im not tucking MacRowdy in this time:eek
    This should be a good one....
  5. This isn't fair. Now I can't be myself with a woman around. I might as well just stay home. No farting,belching or swearing allowed I suppose. But on the other hand I didn't think that you liked girls. So it might be interesting.

    And also you fish with backyard once in a while. Where is he hiding at.

  6. "But on the other hand I didn't think that you liked girls." - Jim i hope you werent implying anything there:hmmm :p i definitely like females and hope it wasnt my casting that lead you to that conclusion:+ shes one of the boys, and she wants to flyfish, what better place to learn and with all the talented people coming, lots of info, what more could you ask for. you better show up Jim:professor bhudda
  7. Oh I'll show up and be myself. Nothing quite like a Jim with a few beers in him. I was thinking of showing up on Friday but if I have to cook to many meals for myself I don't know. A person can only eat so many cans of Chili.

  8. Beers and chili. Hmmm....I hope no-one agreed to share sleeping quarters with Old Man.
  9. Quitcherbitchin'

    Golly Jim, is it a hormone thing or what. You're just jealous of Bhudda cause he gets to run his fingers through women's hair all the time.
    Maybe we should consider a pot luck so the Old Man can eat good. Either that, or sit upwind of him for sure.
    See you on Friday you old fart...


    Good things come to those who wade...
  10. I'm down for a potluck!

    I like the Potluck Idea! Lets do it Sat night! If we do, slate me down for a big batch of Shrimp Scampi!

  11. Yes, I bee's alive. I've actually been out doing clinics on the local stocker trout lakes. chain/flowing/blackmans.. lol it's just to easy to... well to, not.

    Yes, I did move. The fate of the shop is in limbo. Who knows.

    I will be attending this "get together" wether it be by hook or by crook.

    Sorry I haven't been answering email, I don't come by the "interweb" that often now.

    Tightline I may be down to catch a ride with you if still possible?

    Roper, sorry i haven't called you back, you didn't leave the number to Quality Control on your voice mail. and fuk that.. ain't none of bhudda's chix gettin the pimpship.. i got dibs on that bitch hahahahaa

    she can use my tube. (only on the ride home though) hahaha j/k

    ok i think that covers stuff.

  12. Well it's nice to see that you are still with us. So have you been catching any thing out of those lakes as I was thinking seroiusly of hitting them.

  13. Backyard, you've got mail.
    Whats the deal with the Potluck?

  14. >Well it's nice to see that you are still with us. So
    >have you been catching any thing out of those lakes as
    >I was thinking seroiusly of hitting them.

    Yeah jim.. it's almost too easy. They've all been stocked within the last week or so.. anything light olive size 10-16 jerked fast in about 3-10ft is slaying them. lol
  15. I found a bunch of steaks at Grocery Outlet. 8 frozen ribeyes for $7.99, or 5 New York Strip Steaks for $7.99. Those and a box of instant mashed potatoes will be my contribution for the potluck.
  16. "I panhandle for flies" - Joe Trowtbum.!!!!

    i got some really good pesto}( salad, im sure you'll enjoy:smokin bhudda,

    hey are you guys bringing gee-tars too!?
  17. I got a gee-tar and two djembe drums, just in case anyone within 500 yards was thinking about sleeping..... They'll just have to find something else to do.


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