Dry Falls Get Together 2009?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bill Dodd, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. I have heard some talk of it but are there any plans for a Dry Falls get together for 2009?
    Come on lets get this off the ground and make some plans?
    Trout guys lets hear from you!!


  2. Ideas on when? I think I'll have some more furlough days to burn...or I'll be jobless.
  3. When are some better times to fish it?
  4. im game bill, any friday through sunday works for me
  5. late april or early may all the way
  6. I know its not the best time but how is during summer break??? Then some of the younglings of the group could go

  7. iagree iagree iagree

    How does this sound?

  8. Lare April/early May might work for me. I need some shoolin' on how's to ketch the fiddies in that lake.
  9. Too many of us old farts might not be kicking so far out..
    But it's more up to a vote..


  10. OlyFlyFishing, normally it's on a weekend. So even youngin's should be able to show.

    I know it was held in April in the past. Not sure if I'll be able to make it. I have way too much on my plate. Still coming off the Hoh Down trip. So we'll see. If I came, would be low key for me cooking wise. Still a bit low in the pocket from the Hoh Down. So gonna have to chill on this one. Plus, trying to stock up for my Kalama trip in May.
  11. summer is a negative. the warm temps are tough on the fish.

    the general trout opener is the 24th i think? so we should probably avoid that particular weekend (although i fished it last year that weekend and it really wasnt bad at all).

    wait. ill be over there that weekend. and week.... hmmm.

    another suggestion, kind of a curve ball:

    what about camping at the quincy wildlife preserve? its free. plus youve got a bunch of good lakes right there and the place is deserted. i should know i camped there just after the statewide opener and roped fish in dusty and burke. good times. free camping and plenty of room to spread out. just a thought.

    i am unfamiliar with the camping on dry falls. someone enlighten me. where are the campgrounds???

    dry falls has got the browns and the rad night fishing. plus its close to some good carpin and RF if it starts to blow.

  12. where is dry falls and next to what?
    if its not to far from me id like to go!
    and i wouldnt mind to camp!
    i love camping and i havnt gone camping since my mom and dad split which was like 6 years ago
    so im down!


  13. Arthur.
    Here is a link to google maps, Just click search, Then you can zoom in or out to see the rest of the state and get a idea as to where Dry Falls Is..
    Good to see you here again.
    Link below.
    http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=google earth&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl
    Sorry it looks like you will have to type in DRY FALLS LAKE WA.
  14. ya... i dont think my mom is gonna want to drive me that far and then come back for work and i dont think shes gonna let me ride my bike that far either
    wish i could go somehow, ill talk to my mom and see if i could work something out.

    thanks though,
  15. I am in Bill, let me know what the plans turn out to be. I agree with the April/May date..semi warm air temps, but not so much that the water is hot.

    Jimmy Jam
  16. Damn, so close to the Hoh Down, I am very vacation light right now and the summer construction season is underway. This one does not sound likely for me. They are fun though. If anyone missed the Hoh Down. Make up for it by going to Dry Falls, words of advise Night Fishing! :thumb:
  17. Sun Lakes park is on the short list of parks that may be closed, if'n that happens, access into Dry Falls is pretty much done...i hope we get to fish there a little bit before our fearless leaders make a decision on this park.
  18. wha what??

    really? are you speaking of the state park or are the privately owned ones like laurents going to close as well??

    i love laurents ive been camping there for years it would suck to see them shut down. i have had many good times there. but im curious as to why it would effect access to dry falls?
  19. Ok, ill see if i can get over. I Love that lake!!!
  20. The last few years at Dry Falls they kicked them off the lake at dark or shortly after it. In other words, closed at dark.


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