Dry Falls Lake Panorama

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jeff Dodd, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. DryFalls_Panorama2.jpg

    Greg stitched this together and it makes a great desktop wallpaper. Thought I'd share
  2. DryFalls_Panorama3.jpg

    Original file is to large and the web size is not as impressive but hope you get the idea
  3. Funny thing is that after looking at several pictures of other lakes from other fishing trips in the area, there are times that I can not tell where I am fishing. Yet in my mind Dry Falls (other then the thought that a sniper is targeting me up at the observatory) is by far (other then maybe Chopaka) is my favorite vision of a perfect Basin area lake to fish.
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  4. I'm bumping this up because people must have missed this shot, because there are not enough likes yet under it.
  5. Gorgeous. Dry Falls is one lake I really need to fish.
  7. Now that is better! Nick, yes you do. I'm fairly sure I'm going to hit it one more time before they close it this year. I'll let you know.
  8. Yes do that
  9. Yea, I will pass the appreciation on to the photographer. Thanks Ira
  10. Ive heard that sniper thing before but im not sure where? Has it actually happened?
  11. No! Just a feeling I think people get being watched and all from the observation area. I believe they even have those binocs you can look through, that's why I always hide my fly as I tie it on. :)
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  12. Great picture! Heading there next Saturday. Hopefully the winds will be ok!
  13. Great Shot!
  14. Amazing!
  15. Great photo. What a gorgeous lake!

    haha! Good call, you can never be too cautious.
  16. Great shot! And Ira I am glad I am not the only one who gets the "sniper feeling" in places like this :eek:
  17. Excellent image of one of America's most surreal places to fish..thanks.
  18. I heard Old Man went over that in a barrel back when it wasn't dry.

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