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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by caddi smack, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. caddi smack

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    I am thinking about heading to the other side this weekend and am interested if anyone has been to dry falls within the last couple of weeks. I have never fished the lake in the summer before and don't know if it gets too warm this early or if we still have a couple of weeks left (by warm I mean for the fish, I know I will be sweating like hell). If the only option is to troll something around at 20' or deeper we may opt for something else.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. dryfly

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    I can't attest to very recent report, but I was there last in mid June.
    It was HOT then, (upper 80's to 90ish air temp)and water was feelin' warm -(I didn't have a thermomoter to verify H2O temp). From what the WX man has been saying the desert (Coulumbia Basin area) has been in the upper 90s all this week...

    Needless, to say, my sucess at Dry Falls that trip was short of spectacular. SLOW. Landed 2, few 'bumps' otherwise. Way dredging the depths with damsels on a II sinktip, but I think a full sink would have been the way to go if I had one spooled with me. Not a bunch on top either, I tried a blue damsel on dryline in the shallows for cruisers, nadda happ'nin. Nobody else seemed to be hitting it right either - a few here and there. I had much better sucess in during 2 trips there in early May.

    I hit Lenice later that same wkend and put up with the wind for a few nice browns, but again were getting into the dog days of summer. I'm sure others will chime in on the desert lakes recent reports, but for my time in July & August I tend to hike into the alpine lakes and fish for the small, yet plentiful cutts. The snowmelt is almost to that point (mid July this year??) and attracters like mosquito, adams, elk hair caddis etc. will take the high lake fish just fine on surface. And the scenery and views to top it all off :)

    Good luck in the desert if you go, and bring the longbilled hat, dark glasses, lots of water, and SPF 30+ for the skin.
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    I fished Dry Falls last Saturday monring and evening. Went out about 6:00 am and there was quite a bit of surface activity and only a few boats. Had a take on a #16 griffiths gnat but didn't hook up. About 9:30 it started to get pretty crowded. People were having good luck trolling/stripping damsel nymphs deep. Chartruse/yellow with mono-eyes was the way to go on full sinking line. I went back out about 6:00 pm and landed a nice RB ~17" with that setup. It got pretty windy so I left about 10:00. Apparently, the night before, people were getting lots of action with large black leach patterns cast to the shallows after dark, under the full moon. If I were going back I'd fish in the evening to avoid the heat and hope for no wind. Hope this helps.
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