Dry Falls midnight madness

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by planktonguy, May 1, 2003.

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    I, along with two pals, are heading to Dry Falls this weekend. We plan to arrive around 3am or so. Can one fish at night there? If so, any suggestions as to flies? I have heard that driving access to the lake will be impossible at this time due to locked gates. Anyone know for sure? With a good head lamp, can one walk the trail from the interprative center? Suggestions on camping?

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    Dry Falls is off limits after 10:00p.m. The trail from the overlook was closed off last year, no legal access is permitted from the top. In the past a park ranger usually drove in prior to 10:00p.m. to check that everyone was out, due to cutbacks not sure if they do this now but it is posted at the lake. Ample space in the park campground, gates generally closed at 10:00, not sure when they open in the morning. If you want to rough it there is free overnight camping available at S. end of Alkali. I would come in the back way, take the road at S. end of Park Lake, road takes off at Coulee Lodge and I think the gate will be open, you can get into Dry Falls pretty early. However, no "MIDNIGHT MADNESS" on the lake, that's for the campground. Seriously, you can get enough action in by 10:00.
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    Ok, Dry Falls is closed for night fishing. How about Lenice? Lenore? Since we will be arriving late, we would like to fish somewhere until we can access Dry Falls.
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    You can fish Lenice, Merry and Nunally as late as you want to my knowledge.. I have been out there under a full moon several times and actually may be out there tonight see you in the dark :thumb

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    Most lakes are open to night fishing. The only reason Dry Falls is off limits is because of the special park rules. Since the other lakes you mentioned have open access, they're fair game.
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    When I was at Dry Falls a couple of weeks ago I asked the ranger what time they closed the gates to the lake. His reply was "we dont close them". Even though the sign says its closed at 10 I dont think it says what time it opens so I suppose 3am would be a good time to open it up.