Dry falls report for sunday 4-17

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by icmorefish, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. icmorefish

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    arrived: 9:00
    fished till 4:30 when the wind kicked up.
    found most of the fish hitting around 12:30 to 2:30.
    used chroms. - one color worked well.:)
    my partner had bought a fish finder and found that most of the fish at the 15 to 25 feet and didnt stay long in one particular area.
    some of the old spots didnt do well for some of the others that were there.
    I hooked 12 and landed 9. all rainbows. they were from the 17" to 20" range. all the fish that i saw were healthy and nice color.
    Im not sure what is up with the lake. at this time last year the surface water was coverd casings and yesterday there was hardly anything.
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    Why do I think there are some here that saw that coming? :beathead: Check the Conservation, Politics, and Misc. Forum and read the post titled, "Spraying for mosquitos near dry falls."
  3. Tom Palmer

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    Fished with my son and a friend Saturday and part of Sunday. Dry Falls seems like it is not the same to me, but I can't be sure if I am just imagining things or not.

    Things that seem different-
    * No crowds. I remember opening day at Dry Falls 15 years ago meant parking 1/4 mile up the road if you were lucky and hiking down. Here we were 3 weeks into the season on the same weekend as the WFFC club outing and the lake was half deserted. A dozen rigs Sunday morning at most.
    * No fish in shallows. I remember climbing to the top of the rocks to the right of the launch and always watching fish swimming below. Agree with above- they are all deep. No one fishes the shallows to the left anymore.
    * Trolling flies in deep areas less successful than how I remember.

    That being said, we did fairly well fishing chironomids. I was using a black snocone with red rib at a depth of '15 and picked up fish steadily at times. All fish caught were healthy and fought well. The number of casings seemed normal to me, and given all the wind that is in the area would not read too much into it.

    Most of the WFFC guys said this year was very slow compared to other years.

  4. icmorefish

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    i would give it a couple more weeks before you start seeing these fish in the shallows. :cool: