Dry Falls Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by pcknshvl, May 2, 2005.

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    Well, the weather was nice and the wind fairly calm.

    The few fish that were caught were all fat, healthy, and strong. We had the best luck using chironomids in 9 - 11' of water. One fish was caught on the surface with a callibaetis dun pattern.

    Some observations:

    The lake is the lowest I've seen it in about 5 years of fishing the lake at this time of year.

    Calllibaetis seem more sparse every year.

    Though there were a few adult damsels around, there seemed to be very little nymph activity (I'll usually find at least one crawling up my pontoon).

    Deep trollling with leaches, buggers, etc. produced only a couple of strikes and no fish.

    Still plenty of chironomids coming off.

    There seem to be fewer fish--we haven't seen as many cruising around as we have in the past.

    The lake and setting are beautiful as ever, and I will go back.

    Oh, and BTW, there are fish cruising and porpoising in the shallows. Maddening.

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    go night fishing, this guy was caught on a legit surface bass bug. YYYYEAAAAHHHH BOOOOOOOIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

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