Dry Falls Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Big Tuna, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Fished Dry Falls on Saturday. It was pretty windy, making fishing a little more challenging. The fishing was fairly slow, but steady for me. Fished chironomids exclusively. Ended up landing 8 by about 2:45 when I had to leave. Caught a mix of tigers, browns and bows; all were very healthy. I have an idea the WFFers ended up fighting the wind on Friday, as well. I met Irafly and James Mello right before I left. Sounded like Irafly had a great day on Saturday. There were quite a few folks out. The lake never gets too crowded, but the parking was tough.
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    I was there on friday. Caught no fish but I did find some Tecate floating around from a guy who rolled his canoe. I guess the guy was trying to get his anchor up and fell in. A guy in a toon drug the fisherman to shore and old timer towed his canoe to shore and Speyflies2 and I went around collecting his beer, flyboxes, jerkey, and his rod(sage w/ evolution reel if memory serves me correctly). The water was cold enough that he wouldn't have made it too long with out help. I know I will start wearing a life vest now or maybe just stick to stream fishing.
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    Wow! Sometimes it's good to have others on the water.
  4. Curtis King Fish Magnet

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    :beathead: Yeah, I don't think the guy realized how close he really was to getting hypothermia and visiting DJ's Locker. He was in the water for 10 minutes or so, and it was only 57 degrees. It's pretty tough cutting a wake in a U-Tube with the wind blowing, but I eventually got there. Toddsbernina did a stellar job of search and recovery.

    As for Dry Falls Report - Nice bows, but the wind definitely made it a challenge. Knocked off three tanks on chironomids near the N reed bed. WFF'ers rule. Be there next year for more racoon antics......

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    Beer, Tecate, wind and a canoe...hmmm. One day while fishing Dry Falls, a guy anchored up not far away w/ his two sons. They were fishing out of a john boat and the dad was sitting in a lawn chair. The son in the front, an up and coming Steven Speilberg, was video taping every fish that was caught. The dad landed a fish and leaned backward to release it, tipping over the boat. He and the son in the back went in the water and it was a little tense for a moment until he had grabbed the kid. They were able to get back into the boat and retrieve all their gear. It turned out that the son in front had the video camera going the entire time and got it all on tape. They ended up getting quite a laugh out of it and I'm sure that is a treasured family video.
  6. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    Brought in three over the weekend, lost three too. Not a lot of fish but they were all big.
  7. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    Fished Thurs., Fri. & Sat. My best hit was Thursday at about 1900. Fished a p. adams to risers. They didn't come off the next two nights. Mixed on Fri. / Sat. Seemed like people had the best success on Chronies.

  8. hikepat Patrick

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    Amie and I fished Dry Falls all day Saturday. Neither of us hooked up till I finally started to get some at the magic hour. When I finally started catching it was for 1 and 1/2 hours non-stop till dark. Once Darkness came I got one more and that was it. It was the only part of the day the wind went away and as I was leaving the lake the wind was coming back up. It was very nice having most of the lake to myself Sat evening since I think most had gotten very tired of all the wind and the fish that only came to those sitting and watching those little peices of foam. I tried that type of fishing earlier in the day with my normal lack of attention by the fish.
    We both hit the lake for a little over 1 hour on Sunday till we both said forget it and started our drive home. We stopped by the Yak where I caught 1 small rainbow in the hour or two we were there. Not sure if I can even count it as a true catch. My fly was just hanging in the current next to the bank, while I watched Amie try to get her fly back from a stick in the water without getting wet but it was a landed fish. We did not have our wadders with us or any shorts so we were stuck fishing from shore.
    It was great seeing many of you again even though we were only around camp a little bit, mostly between 10 PM and what ever time we finally went to bed Sunday morning.
    Having a hard time working today, just to dam tired to even write any more right now. Not even sure if the above makes full sense.
  9. Banzai FFing and VWs...Bugs & Bugs

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    :beer2: ok, cue the heavenly choir, spotlight on...ME!! Yes folks, I finally managed to catch a trout from a lake that could put a run against the drag and a bend in my newly self-built 10' Rainshadow 6 wt. Heck it even managed to drag my oil tanker sized bum against the wind a couple of yards. (Hallelujah chorus inserted here) :eek: 22 inches of Schwarzenegger shouldered Rainbow Trout easily the largest trout (excluding steelhead) ever to net in my life. An absolutely beautiful egg-laden female, it hit a chironimid at about 11 o'clock after a late (about 10 o'clock) start. I was drifting with the wind toward the parking area to pull out and return to camp to break down my buddy Mike's trailer for the trip home. WOW! It had me giggling like an idiot all the way home. What a way to wrap up a terrific outing after greeting friends met previously; on line and at shows/events. To James Mello, Sloan Craven, and all the others that laid on the spread of eats; a heartfelt and well fed thank you!! Dudettes and Dudes, you rock. To the Wffers I got to meet and put a face to your posts, it is a distinct pleasure to have made your aquaintance. Cheers!
  10. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    So my two cents :)

    Friday night. Freezing rain, snow, sleet, and any other bad weather you can imagine. 30 foot lake waves, and a huge 90' tall Aqua Man pissing in the lake from the edge of the Coulee. For me I took 45 fish to hand, all of them 5lbs or larger, and all of them very blue colored. (Man, that acid Hedburner brought was the shizzle!)

    Hit the trifeca on DF on Saturday, one bow, one brown, and one tiger to hand. All in all, 5 fish for that day, far better than I've ever done there. A shout out to my man Ira. Got me set up with some sweet chronie action (first ever "bobber" fishing ;) )

    Saturday night, verbal altercation.

    Sunday, the lake took sweet revenge on me. I had 2 hookups, and 2 break offs. I've *never* had my knots fail on me before, but evidently, I was slacking when tying them. Both fish hit using a 24' leader. Unfortunately took all of my chronos that worked to :(.

    Sunday evening, hit RF with Freestone... First fish, 3 inches :( Second fish much bigger (2.5lbs according to Freestone). First fish ever for me on a scud :) Got some vicious takes on ridiculous sized steelhead flies, but none to hand.

    Monday morning 2am... finally hit Tacoma and went to bed.

    -- Cheers
    -- James
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  12. Was that the purple micro dot, or the orange barrel. That stuff was okay, but nothing like the windowpane that was around back in '76'.
  13. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Ya shoulda had some Sunshine from '68...:eek:
  14. Matt Smith On the river Noyb

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    Dude all I can say is that Dry Falls 1 Passman 0. Oh yeah Rockyford 10 Passman about five feet under. I should still be stuck out there. All in all great weekend even though I was skunked. James thanks for the grub!!! It was killer.


    Beware of old A** Holes in Scadden Toons
  15. Rick Phelps Member

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    :beathead: A** holes are not only in Scadden Toons!!!!bawling: bawling:
  16. Matt Smith On the river Noyb

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    Yes but the one at Dry Falls was. I wasn't trying to say that all people in Scadden Toons were ass holes but I guess my string of logic did tend to say that.
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    Let me make this a little clearer for you I was the old A** hole you referred to.

    You know there are two different views regarding this story! I am a real nice guy until I get f_ _ _ with. I pulled my oars up and I tried to be courteous and use my fins to get by so as not to disturb anyone. You guys had to block the way into the main channel and to be honest with you lets say I did not get turned around and I came in from the other side then I would have disturbed the guy on the other side of you guys as well. No winning in this situation, because you guys had everything block and I was not about to go way around it was getting too late. I felt like I was backed into a corner with all of your remarks and I came out being as unreasonable as you guys were.

    I do apologize for my language and how I reacted in the confrontation, I can usually rationalize situations better than I did with this, I had been drinking allot and it clouded my judgment. So for my part in this I apologize.
  18. Big Tuna Member

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    Maybe it's just me, but I had to laugh outloud at this exchange.:rofl: Sounds like you guys need to go fishing together.
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    I've heard of road rage, but not "the serenity of flyfishing rage" ... Whatever happened to the quiet sport?


    I guess be courteous at ALL times and be aware of your surroundings.

    Not anything against drinkers, but I don't get why gentlemen drink while flyfishing? Doesn't flyfishing alone relax a person?:confused:
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    holy shit, that is the funniest thing i have read in a while:cool: :rofl: :cool: :rofl: