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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Big Tuna, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Old Man

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    What ever happened to that old adage "get the f---out of the way you a$$holes". You don't have to be nice, just loud.

  2. Islander

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    Well I will try and hijack this post back to fishing. What a great weekend. Thanks to James and Sloan for the great grub and to Ira for some super chroni info. I promise I'll try them at Lone next week. Backyard got me hooked on the night fishing thing last year so I pretty much just did that. Fri. hit the water around 7:30 and had two 20" rainbows before the "floatila" came into the cove with banging oars, screams and headlamps. So I called it a night. Sat. night had a few :beer1: and still managed to find my tent. Hey Micro Brew, I still have one bottle left. Do you think it will last one more year? Tried in the morning for a while but only had one take. Sun. night I literally had the lake to myself. Picked up two more 20" fish and one "pig" that went 23" and was fat. Had one break me off, 6lb. floro tipit. On Monday Cabazon showed up and I talked him into hitting the lake that evening with promises of big fish. We saw a bunch of fish rising but I didn't know what they were eating. We both picked up a couple of nice rainbows, (I think he might have some pictures if they turn out). One of them went airborn twice. After dark I had another one break me off again so I took off the tipit and tied my biggest ugly bug right to my 12lb test salmon leader. Another hog slammed it and the fight was on. I finally had him on top of my net but couldn't get him to fit in it. He flipped a couple of times came unhooked and was gone leaving my fly stuck in my net. It was a wild ending to a super trip. The only bummer was loosing my knife (see other post) but all and all it was a fun time with a bunch of great folks.
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    How could you possibly have a bottle left? You musta been holdin out on me.....

    Hopefully we can hook up before next year, still a lot of fishin to do.

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    no it wasn't, it was around '86' and windowpane was weak :D peace, pot and micro dot
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    Well, this isn't so hot now :( I thought that on Sunday we had things patched up.... Just for clarification, I was the AHOLE in the green pram (and yes, I do realize I'm an asshole, my wife tells me I am all the time ;) )

    To quote a message I sent Kristen:
    The reality was, I didn't know that you were blocked. If you were, I would have been happy to pick up and move out of the way to let you go by. Neither of the groups were in the right, but at the same time I do feel that we made an honest effort to accomidate you. If you didn't feel that way then I'm sorry. I still stand by the statement that I made that what you did was rude, but now that I got some of your perspective on the whole thing, I do apologize for us not knowing that you didn't have a clear channel to take.

    At any rate, can we agree to just let this slide? I hope so, and seriously, if any offense was given to you by me, I do apologize....

    -- Cheers
    -- James
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    Thanks:) ! No hard feelings here!
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    If you don't mind, what were you using at night (fly selections). Thanks and if you don't want to share, no big deal.
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    I'll tell you but it won't do much good unless I send you tying instructions. It's a pattern I designed and use at Pass Lake alot. I call it "Lady in Red" (long story from my earlier days when I drank alot) Basically a 3-4 inch streamer. When it's real dark I go with a cone head or dumbell bunny streamer. Anything that moves a lot of water when you strip it should work. Cabazon was using something different than me on Monday and got fish. PM me if you need more info.
  9. Islander

    Islander Steve

    We can have a whiskey drinking.....errr I mean fishing outing at Pass Lake. :D
  10. cabezon

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    Well, I missed the heart of the Dry Falls gathering, but I did get together with Islander on Monday. He, generously, gave me the heads-up on the after-dark action. Here's a pic of him with one of the nice fish that made it into his net.

    I had some success with a sculpin pattern that I tied for the sculpin swap; the pattern can be found here: www.washingtonflyfishing.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=12094&cat=18219. On Tuesday night, I had a fish stop the fly dead and break it off instantly. I also caught two nice bows on a Miyawaki popper off a sink-tip line. It would be blast to come back with some bass poppers, especially deer-hair frog patterns, and toss them to the edges.


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