dry falls to chopaka or western montana sep 12-16?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by bugbitten, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Would you hit the lakes from, say Dry Falls up to Chopaka over a few days or western Montana rivers mid September? Have been to neither and looking for an adventure and new territory. More experienced with river fishing than lakes but did learn at Lenice a couple of times earlier this year. Would rather fish more than drive but also want to catch fish - quantity is more important than size and I prefer dry action. Are the lakes still too warm? Is there good wade access at Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Rock Creek? Do have a float tube. Will sleep in a bag in the back of the truck but do have use of a cabin in Thompson Falls, MT but would only use it the first night on the way in. I'm all ears!
  2. You might try the St. Joe river in Northern Idaho. The river is about 8 hours from Seattle area but is worth the drive if you are going to stay for a while. You drive into St. Regis MT and head back southwest into Idaho. The river is one of the prettiest rivers I have ever fished and the native Cuts are gorgeous. Even better, they love dry flies. If you go, you will be hooked for ever! Just one man's oppinion, but I would take the drive. You'll be smiling for months.
  3. The NF Clearwater or Lochsa will be equally as good or better and will have even fewer people. Check out http://www.traflyfish.com
    This time of year those westslope cutts will rise to a cigarett butt tossed into the water and the bigger fish come out of their high summer ranges because of the cooler water and air high up. I'll be heading that way the first week of October.

  4. I was on the Lochsa two weeks ago for four days and had a great time. The upper section which is catch and release had Westslope cutthroat that averaged 8 to 10 inches. But I hooked and landed a couple of 16". I found that a deep run just below a shelf seem to hold the fish. There is 65 miles of road that runs next to the river with lots of pull outs, but again for dry fly action I would look at the upper 30 miles. It's wider and wadable. Water temp was 62 degrees and should be cooling down. Oh and if you have time there is a hot springs a mile up Warm spring creek, and easy hike.

  5. Having just returned from western Montana, I would highly recommend it. All of the rivers over there have good wade access, you just need to ask one of the shops where to go. You might also think about the Blackfoot. It has been fishing very well on and off right now. I also spent some time on Rock Creek. The first night there I had a grand slam - rainbows, cutts, browns and a brookie. If you decide to go let me know how you do.

  6. Funny, a guy told me exactly the same thing this morning....Bob, is that you?? He also said that there was a flyshop in St Regis which I'll hit for fly recommendations...any suggestions? Thanks for your input.
  7. Thanks, all for your replies...I'm pumped! Heading out Thursday morning! Will report back upon return.

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