Dry Falls Trip/Meeting/Event III - 2005

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Backyard, Jan 22, 2005.


Dry Falls CAN-AM Event Dates Poll

Poll closed Mar 2, 2005.
  1. April 15, 16, 17

    19 vote(s)
  2. April 22, 23, 24

    28 vote(s)
  3. April 29, 30 & May 1

    14 vote(s)
  4. I don't care I'm not going

    12 vote(s)
  1. I noticed in one of the old posts, xtreme angler put his boat in. I would like to bring mine if acceptable. The new one should be ready then also, but will need a second rig to tow.

    Dave, are you up for it?


    I wonder if the boat would support a recliner lounge for Old Man, the one with the massage and heat therapy for his back.
  2. Easy as pie to get a drifter back in there, parking can be a whore after people park 3 inches behind your tow. However, a 185 point u-turn is way acceptable in that situation. On top of that you will be dry, your legs will be warm and for some reason you move faster on the water. I will drag one or two over myself, we can have the WFF Cup race on the water. I will go halves if you want to jump in and have choppers drop the boats in?!

  3. Ross

    I wonder if the boat would support a recliner lounge for Old Man, the one with the massage and heat therapy for his back.[/QUOTE]

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  4. I can only make it the 16,17,18 weekend. But who really cares, I'm a complete douche? :confused: But if I do go, I will destroy those bloody canucks, I got DF nailed. Ya, I said it, so what, whanna fight? :eek:

    YT :cool:

    Reminder: At the cowlitz party, backyard tried to pee on me. be careful. :eek: And Scoones used to box, so avoid any punching competitions. Lessons learned. :rolleyes:
  5. You left out the part that you were hiding in the bushes trying to catch a quick power nap. ptyd
  6. Ya got that right :p
  7. So do you guys mind having a noobie to stillwater fishing tag along? I'd love to go, but I fear that my stillwater prowess would bring lotsa laughter. Once you get the date set, let me know. Depending on which date is set, I'll be able to bring a big pot of chili for free eats.

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  8. I truly hope both outings co-incide as I am really keen to meet you people on your own turf. One can NEVER learn TOO much. ;)
    I am pulling for the weekend of the 15th, but can make just about any time. Aaaaah, the joys of being self employed. :clown:
  9. The 15th sounds OK to me also, ah the joys of being retired. Me and the Old Man are starting to make our plans. New and bigger trailer, just to make the Old Man more comfortable. Jim[the younger one]. :beer2:
  10. iagree Yep, it has it's advantages. A bigger trailer means you can haul more beer. I'll bring some whiskey but we won't let the Old Man have any until Sat. night. I might go up Wed. or Thurs. ptyd
  11. Don't forget to vote. It seems like we are getting more comments about the first weekend than we are votes.

  12. I can only make the first weekend as well. I will bring the drift boat over, as well as a pontoon if anyone needs it. YT, I can drive...lets do this

  13. Make sure that everything is waterproof just in case. :thumb:

    You two actually going to fish this time?
  14. Yes :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Just because it's warmer out ptyd

    Jim...the older one
  15. I for one plan on fishing. Steve, please hide the whiskey. Last time it prevented the Old Man from fishing and might also lead to less piss on my trailer bathroom floor. Hope to see you there, Jim. ptyd
  16. Of the people who say they want to go, slightly over 1/2 want to go the third weekend. That works best for me too :)
  17. Actually, any time that has the majority happy about it is fine by me. Is there a proposed deadline that a firm date will be announced? Jim.
  18. The poll is running till the end of feb.
  19. Thanks BY. I assume that since this trip we will be in a state park and not a private one there will be some changes in behavior. Some that come to mind are no bonfires, no 7 kegs of beer, no live band, no light stick war and no hide the dead raccoon in Backyard's cooler. Sounds like this may actually be a fishing trip. Jim. :beer2:
  20. Well last year there was a semi bon fire. And we had the burning of the chair. If I would of had a gun we would of had a dead raccoon. The damn thing ate my loaf of bread and tried to eat my pop tarts. I now use a plastic container instead of a cardboard box. And as for beer,well there was enough of it around with a little Vodka and Jim Beam around also.

    Ah, ptyd. Time to just kick back and relax. ptyd


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