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  1. schmokin'reel!!!

    1st - Whitey i broke down and got a tube so i wont need to take you up on your offer but i really appreciete it anyways man:thumb , very generous. now the bad news

    %$#^ do i need a life vest now! it says its required in a flotation device. does everyone use one when they go? i dont want anyone to think they are giving me bad advice , like endangering my life or something but im really curios as to who all uses one when they go. if this turns out to be the case, then what is the cheapest! one around..bhudda
  2. hahhaaha! that's great. Well, I float tubed for years without one. I was young and brave, or stupid, which ever you prefer. Now I have a inflatable PFD, cost a bundle though, think I paid 120 bucks or so. Did ya get some fins? For the record, I've float tubed without fins too, and I wouldn't recommend it, not very effective. file that one under just plain retarded. I think I did catch a fish that day, so I guess the fish don't mind.

    Now you must come up with a name for your vessel. I call my pontoon boat "RUFFTUFF". It even says it on the anchor bracket. Pick a name with some kind of meaning. Some guys go with something sentemential, like, "pretty lady" or "MY EX-NAZI" I guess it depends on where you are at in your life.

    :beer2 YT:rofl
  3. schmokin'reel!!!

    im goin down to outdoor emporium tommorow to get some do yu prefer the strap on kind or the rear entry with the back strap-snorkel style? and i think im gonna accidently forget my pfd that i dont have . i think ill name it THE HOOKERPIMP. ahh that sounds nice.. a whore: thats mr.fishy , and the daddy: that'id be me! thanks for the suggestion

    :hmmm :hmmm :hmmm :hmmm :hmmm :beer1 :beer1
  4. schmokin'reel!!!!

    are we /WWF/ meeting at sun lakes state park? fri
  5. yep, Friday at the park or the lake....I will probably set the tent up to save a space then go fishin ....

    "we" does include EWF from WFF :p :p :p

    ~Patrick ><>
  6. Hey now!!!! lets stick to the topic of fishing...you might get YT all excited if your not careful!!! }( }( }( :p :p :p

    ~Patrick ><>
  7. My goodness...

    ...how we do digress, names for boats that make sailors blush.

    In case someone does not have a PFD, I'll bring another one in addition to mine. And unless you have gills, they're suggested as a good item to have on.


    Good things come to those who wade...
  8. hey i just looked at a waist pfd , it looked like the cheapest , but i was wondering i recalll some guys saying that you could get a ticket for not having a pfd on ? does this ring any truth:hmmm -bhudda
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  10. I think you just have to have one on the boat or vessal for each adult. Kids must wear one at all times. Since I do not have the regs handy I do not remember the exact wording. I use mine as my back rest since the regs also say that it must be easy to grab.
  11. I just use my neoprene vest that I take wakeboarding. It fits very tight and hardly know its there. $45 at costco.
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  13. It seems to be a matter of interpretation. The state requires that each person aboard a "vessal" has a pfd.

    The definition of vessal "means every description of watercraft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on the water, other than a seaplane. However, it does not include inner tubes, air mattresses, and small rafts or flotation devices or toys customarily used by swimmers."

    The question is, when does a small raft or flotation device suddenly become a watercraft capable of being used as a means of transportation?

    My take is that if you want to be safe, bring a pfd, but if you were to get a ticket for not having one on your float tube, it would be easy to fight in court.
  14. I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Hey I just got a package from U/P and now I have to go put it together and get ready for tomorrow. Good by and will see you tomorrow. You might out fish me but I don't think you can out drink me:p :* :* :* :beer1

  15. My advice is get a pfd. But as far as compliance with the law goes, I was told way back when I bought my first tube that one reason they came with the inflatable back rest was that it counted as a pfd. I don't know that it's true; I believe the regs say the pfd must be Coast Guard approved. It's hard to believe that a folded up innertube wrapped in cordura would make the grade, but I suppose if the main tube failed, you could use the back rest to keep you up while you wallowed to shore.
  16. what do i know, im just a kid

    i sit on mine, it gets me a little farther out of the water and gives me a little more support. on my tube, a couple of intersecting straps are called the "seat," not much of a seat in my book.


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