Dry Falls - where's the best road access?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by paddythesmith, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. paddythesmith

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    Hoping to cut out of work early one of these days to go try out my outcast mini-pontoon. My gazetteer doesn't show the roads to dry falls very clearly. Any help this, along with what to use and whereabouts to try my luck are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. ceviche

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    Sun Lakes Resort, Park, whatever. You're heading north, up out of the Soap, Blue, Park Lakes basin. When you've climbed halfway up out that hole, there's this turn off to the right that takes you back down into the Dry Falls / Sun Lakes park area. If you see the tourist/lookout geologic-big-picture building, then you're a bit too far to the north. That tourist lookout spot is worth visiting, as it will give you a nice bird's eye view of Dry Falls Lake.

    With this many landmarks, you should have no real problem finding the lake.

    Good Luck!
  3. Gary Thompson

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    Only one way to go until DOT opens the road south of Wenatchee.
    Up to Waterville then turn off and go down to Dry Falls.
    Turn in at Sun lakes state park. Ask and ya will receive.
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    Take Highway 2 until you get to Banks Lake. There is a turnoff just before you reach Banks/Coulee City. There's a mini-mart and the Dry Falls cafe. Take a right and stay on that road until you hit the Sun Lakes St. Park. Take the road into the park and stay on it until you pass the 2nd campground. You'll actually cross small creek I believe. Once you cross the creek, you take a left. You stay on this road until it splits. At the split, take a left. You stay on this road until you come to a dirt road on your left. Follow the dirt road a ways. You'll go past Perch Lake and eventually hit Dry Falls.
  5. Go Fish

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    Make sure you have plenty of ground clearance. I wouldn't do that road in a compact car. David
  6. atomic dog

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    I heard it's faster just to park at the interpretive center and hike down to the lake.

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    i repel.
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    Last time there, the trail down is now closed. You'll need to bring a car/truck with decent clearance/good tires. Seen a couple cars with flats/gauged pans before...