Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Al, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. Al

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    Spent Saturday on Dry Falls Lake in an ambitious effort to really get into some fish. So did a bunch of others - at one time I counted 33 cars and I couldn't see them all from my advantage point. That little outhouse was hardly enough to accommodate everyone, some of whom had camped overnight - I thought it was closed at night!

    There were damsels flying everywhere in the afternoon and they were thick on the cattails, but you could hardly catch a fish with an emerger out in the lake, might have been a fish mistake it you did. Adult damsel, maybe.

    Most of what we caught were on either Callabaetis emergers or Parachutes-one was on the surface for 20 minutes before a nice Rainbow discovered it!

    I have read somewhere that those that have a lot of experience at Dry Falls do well there and those that don't get 5 like me, or fewer. It is a beautiful site and I will go back, but it is one challenging lake.
  2. Jim Jenkins

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    When I went by there on Friday night around 7 it looked like a bowl of Cheerio's down there! I have never seen so many people on the lake before. Sounds like Saturday was more of the same. Maybe the state will take notice that the fly/special regs lakes get alot of attention and should make more lakes like them!!! The few quality ones we have are way over fished. But I'm just as guilty as I often go to these before any other (baitNtake) lakes. And your usually around a better class of folks to fish with!
    Jim J.