Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Stephen Rice, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. I heard Dry Falls is supposed to be pretty good in November. I would like to come out then and fish it. But I was wondering if there is a good place to camp with an RV. any suggestions? :confused:
  2. Sun Lakes State Park. They have camp sites and power hook ups. Was there last weekend before last.

    We'll be over on Nov.18 - 21st. When are you thinking of heading over?
  3. Yeah I saw that last night. What I was wondering is how close is it to the lake? I want to use my pontoon but I didn't want to have to drive a long way to the ramp cause I wanted to leave my RV in it's spot. I figure I could go round mid November drive out there and get there in the evening and early morning launch and fish for the day and then spend the night get up early and fish for a couple of hours and then head back. here's is a couple of ideas 1. leave early on the 15th(Monday) set up the RV and Fish til it gets dark. then get up early on the 16th fish the morning and then leave in the afternoon. or 2. leave late on the 15th set up the RV and then get up early on the 16th fish all "damn" day. then spend the night and get up early on the 17th fish in the morning and then leave. I like number 1. wanna come? anybody else want to meet there?
  4. Yeah those dates wouldn't be bad either. I could do the 18 and the 19 for sure.
  5. Just a word of advice. Be prepared as the road to the lake from the park is paved part way but then it turns into a goat trail. I mean I drive quite fast but on that road I was at a crawl.

  6. thanks

    thanks for the warning!
  7. Dry falls camping

    Camping is not allowed at the lake so you need to be willing to run the RV back and forth (unless you want to carry the pontoon a couple miles). The "road" in is a challenge - I've taken my camper in on a 4x4 pickup but would be very hesitant with a larger bus type RV.

    As far as fishing it that time of year scuds and leeches seemed to be the best for me.
  8. Oh great!

    thats exactly what I have. it's a Eurovan. alright E. Fork you have to come now. and bring your 4X4. :beer2:
  9. The road is not great, but a 4X4 is not required. We saw some fairly low clearance cars in the lot. Just take it slow and easy in the bad spots. You shouldn't have a problem.
    You mentioned fishing 'til dark, you might even consider after dark or starting at O'dark thirty in the morning.
  10. I drove a honda civic up there, I had to weave all over the road to try and avoid high centering ...
  11. I have driven my old dodge Dynasty in to the lake, just take your time and crawl down the road.
  12. what type of flies

    any suggestions on what's good for flies?

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