Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Old Man, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I went and now I'm back. This is for all that said they were going to come and didn't :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p .

    And this is all I'm going to say on the matter.

  2. Curtis New Member

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    Was the fishing that good?
  3. Flyn'dutchman Member

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    I'm afraid that Old Man is not the one to ask unless he had a better day on sat or sun. The weather was beautiful on Thrus and Friday. Almost too hot. I'd venture that fishing was just fair unless you count the dark hours. Let Backyard fill you in on that. :thumb:
  4. Islander Steve

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    :thumb: Night fishing ROCKS. Massive strikes and HUGE fish. :beer2:
  5. Flyn'dutchman Member

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    Islander, did you do good Friday night?
  6. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    I had a pretty decent day on Sat. - (11) to the boat, including a nice tiger. Then the thunderstorm / HEAVY wind hit, drove everyone for cover.

  7. Dan Soltau New Member

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    night fishing was damn good. :thumb:
  8. hikepat Patrick

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    Had a good time on caught a few fish both Friday and Saturday. Talked to friends both new and old and exchanged a little information back and forth. Another great get together though a little more mellow then some in the past but its all good and with a few kids and wifes at the event this time its most likely for the best..
    Wish I could have got more fishing time in on Saturday but since the day fishing Friday had been slow me and my partner took about a 3 hour nap at the launch. After heading back out for a while the wind and rain came in driving us and most others off the lake. This made for quite a bit of a mad house at the launch with so many crafts coming into the launch at once but at least for me after most others had headed back to camp made for quite the laugh and no one seemed to get a broken rod in the panic and all just got a little wet . I did not head back out fishing till almost dark for some night time fun. Never found the big browns but did get one small brown along with many average sized bows and one very nice sized bow.
    Note fishing Dry falls is still good and the dam lake does not need to be rehabilitated in any way. The fish are still there and nice a fat from feeding well and there are still plenty around. The fish are just a little smarter from having been caught a released a few times over the years is all and its not the easy game it was, but that just makes the catching that much more rewarding and is not a reason to kill off the lake and replant. I also saw a small yellow rig that seemed to be from the parks department spraying but only along the trails up to the lake and not around the lake itself. I saw it once in the park but it was not spraying at the time.

    Glad to meet the new people at the event and put a few new members faces to the names on the board. I hope everone got home safe and sound.

    By the way did the Carp fish off happen on Sunday? I would have loved to see it but felt it was better to slowly drive home and stop a few places along the way, such as to watch the spawner Cutts down the road.
  9. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    Fishing sucked unless you like sore shoulders.

    Edit: The Carp Off did happen. I got worked by Mr.Yard, as predicted by the man himself many times around the fire. He brought a 26in toad to the net, i blanked. That was it for 2 hours.

    No longer the carp kid,
  10. MacRowdy Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan

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    the carp off. I love it!
  11. yjluke New Member

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    Sounds like it was a blast, wish I could have made it.
  12. Islander Steve

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    Yep, what a ride.... Backyard told me to fish it slow and hang on. I thought he was, well....being Backyard. So I slowly cruise by this point and Wham something jerks the line right out of my hand. So, I start to pay attention and hang on tight. Picked up 2 big bows and missed another take. Came back to camp around 10pm a happy man. I left Sat. late morning so I missed the storm. Did some exploring on the way home. Stayed Sat. night up by Stevens Pass got some rain there. It was great to meet some folks from the board and see the ones I met at Cowlitz again. All in all, a great trip.
  13. Chris Allen Member

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    It was great to come out and meet those that were there. I didn't actually meet backyard though, but I'm pretty sure I heard his drunken banter throughout the night. :p Fishing was slow for some, and hot for others. Definately, as hikepat said, there is no need to rehab the lake. The fish may be difficult to catch, but they're sure as hell in there.
  14. Couleeflyfisher Member

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    Rest Assured !! There are no Rehab plans for Dry Falls, it's doing well. Fish are a little harder to come by then they were 2-3 years ago and maybe they're learning to distinguish between artificials and the real thing. When you have to work a little harder to connect it just makes it a more worthwhile experience.
  15. wet line New Member

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    Zen, for what it is worth here is a story for you personally. I met Mr. Daniels last fall and he came across as well, as well I cann't really describe it unless you have really met some non egotistical fishers.

    The Yard as you call him or MR. Daniels as I call him may well be the next Haig Brown! Well if he doesn't get too much into himself.

    But I will take him on any day and go fish. It isn't so much as catching fish as understanding what is going on. And Mr. Daniels looks at what is happening. He is a great observer, and has humility too boot.

  16. ceviche Active Member

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    Hey Zen,

    As far as all that business with Backyard, I think he just likes teasing people--and bad. You should have seen him, Bhudda, and Worldangler together. Obviously great friends, but I wouldn't have wanted to have gotten in the middle of that. Maybe you should take it as a compliment that he gave you as much attention as he did. In the words of Buddy Guy, "Call it what you want, I call it messin' with The Kid." And you were The Kid.

    BTW, it was cool meeting you. I only wish I had made the Carp Comp. After getting directions from Alpinetrout and approaching Ephrata, I realized that I really had no idea where I was going. I ended up at Rocky Ford, got skunked, and watched this old timer sitting a lawn chair with fly rod hook-up with a very large trout. The fish ran a lot of line off his reel and then nosed into some weeds. The guy eventually had to break it off. Still, that was the first time I ever saw someone fly fish out of a lawn chair.

    And thanks for the Walla Walla info. Unfortunately, the "Toucan" is a little too east for Margaret and I to checkout. We're looking for something a little closer to town. Still, thanks for the tip.
  17. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    Dave, your just gonna have to explore, i dont know any other spots :D . Btw, if anyone has a chance to fish with the yard, damn well take it. Just watch yourself around the fire when ur between the Chrises, as in Scoones and Daniels. The bruise on my leg is starting to fade. I learned to keep away, and stayed out of harms way the 2nd night.

  18. Big Tuna Member

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    Are the fish working the shallows yet? Sounds like you were doing some trolling at night. Where you chironomid fishing during the day? If so, shallow or deep? I'm considering going up there and fishing Friday afternoon and evening, so any tips would be appreciated. I need to decide whether it's worth the trip.
  19. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    BT: Not many fish in the big shallows. My buddy hit that area pretty hard, nada. I hit a few on chronies, got lucky. I was fishing shallower water, 8-9' deep, 7' down on the chronies. I even hit a few on dries early... like 0600 - it was great, #18 parachute Adams. The most consistent success, for me, was deep with big bugger things. Worth the trip?, I can't answer that. The fish are healthy, strong and it's a nice place to be. The catching is a bonus.... IMO.
  20. Backyard SANCHO!

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    Dry Falls, Damn... Where to begin :confused:

    As always it turned out to be yet another eventful wff trip. It was great to see all the old characters and meet a few new ones. Glad to see some families out there this time (even though the kids and dogs like to pick on me) ;)

    As for fishing, I thought it was great… lots of nice healthy bows… only a few browns to hand and no tigers. But it was good to hear that a few were caught and they did put on some size since last year.

    Didn’t fish a lot during the mid day but morning streamers, afternoon emergers, and night-time, big streamer fishing was good.

    Messing with Zen was just a little hazing that he needed being that it was his first wff event. He took it well. Wetline, thank you as always for the good words… and I will try not to get to much into myself. :thumb:

    Saturday was cool ****, getting out with Ron, Bhudda, & Jabs we put some miles on the trucks searching for good water through the seeps, and the potholes. With only two perch to hand… it was still a good time.

    The Sunday carp off was good… just because it was actually really tech (high winds spooky fish, and Bhudda using j. teeny techniques). Having a crowd of so many great fishermen defiantly puts the pressure on to perform well. Having Jabs, Scoones, Worldanglr, Alpine, Bhudda, Ron, and S.B…. waiting for you to get your ass handed to you by Zen can be a little unnerving.

    Oh yeah Andy… I want my 100 bucks in unmarked $20’s ;)

    Some of the other highlights…

    - Killin it all night with Davey
    - Harassing CouleeFlyFisher (great sport and full of knowledge)
    - Getting my leg chomped by Sinktip’s dog
    - Lots of good conversations with good people
    - Stealing some trout bum sign
    - Seeing ceviche’s mad packing skills
    - Watching Islander mess with OldMan.. comedy.

    Who ever didn’t make it out missed out on a good one…

    BTW who had the cold??? Cause now I feel like crap. I was wondering why I was so dead on Sunday… Cold sweats and fevers all night last night. The couch has been my best friend today. Even though I did force myself to go fish Silver Lake at sunset.

    Who wants to crash that “other boards” Chopaka event in mid-may?

    - Roper & Tyler.. Everyone missed you guys out there.