Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by XstreamAngler, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    The old dude who was skinny... Hedburner :) The man ties some pretty mean flies, and is one heck of a nice guy :)
  2. jabseattle jabs

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    hahaha Mufka..Kevin nice to meet,party and fish with ya...Glad you made it out..I'm sure your big bro will get you out to another outing...hahaha mufka..hehehe.hahaha Yard cracked me up on that one....
  3. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Hey,quit picking on my little buddy. He's a cool dude.:thumb: :thumb:

  4. Jeebus, I'm not that friggin' old! It was all those rock and roll years back sometime in the 60's or 70's or sometime.:cool:
  5. Rory McMahon Active Member

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    Sounds like like you guys had some crazy good times, it sux that i missed it. O well, theres always next year.
  6. ibn Moderator

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    Holy shit, sak you killed me on saturday night, right when I was just getting to talking dirty w/alpine too! I woke up halfway out of my tent with a tent steak stuck to the side of my face, no pants on, and a jug of water half empty in my tent. Pissed I faded so fast, I drank wayyy too much wayyy too fast. Thanks for the paddling my fatass around, that meteor was the highlight of the weekend for me, I think the aliens landed.
  7. Tightline Brian Perry

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    Good times!
    Jabs thanks for making me lazy... I love being lazy and I hate fishing. It all worked out well.

    Mufka please... you've got a lot to learn, and this is a great place to learn it. hee hee hee.

    Scoones... great aim with the gravel... although a blind man could land a handfull of gravel in yards mouth after two fifths of whiskey.

    Yard, make sure I'm there when the master plan for Scoones comes together.

    Thanks for the food CatDaddy and Mello... good stuff.

    Sak...you always bring the goods. Nuff said.

    Hutch and Ira good stuff around the campfire.. and the dude playing the Harmonica!

    Ira, thanks for the recycle... good fishing Karma coming your way... and way to polish of the bottle in the wee early hours....

    It was good to meet everyone. Great time and can't wait for the next.

  8. atomic dog Jive Turkey

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    That'd be me... It was cool to meet you. You've got some fuggin hilarious stories, man. Drop me a line if you're gonna be over here on the east side sometime.

    I know that I met a bunch of you, at least briefly. I have no idea who you are on here, though. Real world names don't mean much when you're used to reading "internet names." :rofl:

    And thanks to Backyard and Ibn for helping me polish the bottle of crown royal off. ptyd Otherwise I'd have probably finished it myself and not been able to crawl out of my tent in the morning...
  9. XstreamAngler ...has several mistresses.

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    Hedburner, I mean NO offense in that by all means, what I mean, what was that we enjoyed sitting there, it was wicked and threw me over the edge, could hardly stand after that, my hat is OFF to you my man!
    Atomic Dog, word! I am rarely on the Westside this time of year and am mostly East. I'll get in touch with you!

  10. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    Everytime there is an outing i feel like a seattle sports fan. there's always next year. sounds like another good time
  11. Desmond Wiles Sir Castaline

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    I hear that! :thumb:
  12. jabseattle jabs

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    So it's almost time to start talking about the Dry Falls outing..

    Someone needs to get it going as my wife and I are expecting @ this date so this will be the first year in the last 4 that I will be unable to attend..
  13. Nick Riggs I've been known to fish from time to time...

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    I can't wait!!!
  14. Dan Soltau New Member

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    Was it two years ago the night streamer fishing was so phenomenal? I didnt go last year, but I heard the fishing sucked at night? I think I will go this year though...
  15. Islander Steve

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    The night fishing has been great for the last two years. The first night of last year sucked because a "giant flotilla of loud people" rolled into the cove just after dark. The next two nights rocked.
  16. hikepat Patrick

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    Night fishing was very good to me last year at the get together. The days on the other hand sucked due to the wind. As night came on and the wind went away I had a whole part of the lake to myself and non-stop action for a little over 2 hours till I went back in to drink a few cold ones with the group.
  17. bhudda heffe'

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    we had the whole lake to ourselves at night:)
  18. jbrodie New Member

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    Windy is an understatement. I had my trailer at the far end of the state park and Chris had his father in law's 5th wheel a few sites away.
    his trailer was at the perfect angle for a blast to the side of the rig. Mine shook pretty bad one night but his lifted off the ground on that side for a moment. Yeh, it was windy. Jim.
  19. atomic dog Jive Turkey

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    I was pretty damn sure my tent was gonna blow away. I actually spent part of the night sleeping in the cab of my truck, the wind was so loud.

    My liver hasn't quite forgiven me since last year... ptyd