Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by DrCrush, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. DrCrush Never2Tired2Fish

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    Heading over to Dry Falls in a couple of weeks. Anyone reports you are willing to share?

  2. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    I'd share but what I used didn't work worth a darn. Fish are in great shape.

  3. dp ~El Pescador

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    I thought there was a BIG group that went over last weekend. I haven't seen any reports, or more important, funny stories, from the outing. Did the date change or was the event super secret, zipper lip?

  4. alpinetrout Banned or Parked

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    I was at Sun Lakes last weekend, but didn't fish Dry Falls. There wasn't too big of a group anywhere. The campground was almost empty.
  5. Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

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    Days were slow I heard. I fished nights and it was good one night and slow the next. I fished intermediate with small leeche pattern.